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So that just happened - The Beginner's Guide/Her Story


As I was getting ready to write my next So that just happened, Black Friday just so happened to hit the Steam Store. Since I was in between infinity+ hour games – just finished Persona Q and began DS2: Record Breaker – I decided to check if something in my wish list got a nifty discount. Among those that did were The Beginner’s Guide and Her Story.

Being story-driven, 1.30 – 2 hour games that left quite an impression on me, I decided to go ahead and share my thoughts on them first. Only thing is, it’ll be difficult to write about them without spoiling the shit out of the experience; given that, let me preface the rest of this by saying that if you’re into well-written narratives, interesting experiments on ways of conveying said narratives and addressing topics that may be quite heavy in tone, I highly recommend you try them out.

That being said, two things before getting to The Beginner’s Guide: (1) if you just want to read about Her Story, just scroll down until you see the picture with the respective title and (2) I’ll be addressing The Stanley Parable as well, so please take that into account.

In any case, I still have this space to ramble on and on about stuff that I’m glad some of you have been enjoying these last few months. And I’ll keep on keeping on.

Have a nice [insert time of day you're in when reading this] and enjoy life. Yours, preferably.
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As a Translator with a background in Psychology, I love to share and reflect on my personal experience with games, be it the narrative, the mechanics or how they are perfectly in sync (love those).

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