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this army commercial sickens me

in one of the newest army ad's it starts out with some kids playing a war game on a 360 it looks like then one of the soldiers offer the kids to "take a REAL challenge" for those who haven't seen it heres a linky-link before the rant.


now here's my issue with this commercial, in a world where the kids minds are supposedly being warped by video games and movies, it is horrifying to liken joining the army to playing a video game. the army saying HEY WE ARE LIKE THE GAMES YOUR PLAYING is absolutly inappropriate in my opinion. video games in no way put your life in danger, if you die in a game you get another mans. if you die in the army you get dead. being in the army and actually going to war is far more scaring than playing a video game with "realistic violence". i know people who were in iraq and are considerably more fucked up mentally then they were before deployment, saying its just surreal to be there actually shooting at real people, seeing people getting shot at, killed, etc. he went saying he couldn't wait to kill some "sand n-words" to saying how horrible it is there and we have no reason to be there to begin with.

does anyone else think that this proves our countrys two sided nature? to say how video games warp our kids minds and cry out against violent video games, but it's ok to use video games to recruit for and comparing video games to being in the army. when i first saw it i got angry and expected the "news" networks to be all over it sharing the same views that i did. not a word.

does anyone else agree this is a wrong way to try to get people into the army, by comparing it to playing a video game? just remember, in real live theres no reset button and no continues.
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