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Solar Pony Django's Review on: Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival


Amiibo Festival is more of a board game than a video game board game. That doesn’t make it bad, but it is something that should be addressed if you have ANY interest in this game. There are no minigames during the actual game, although there are unlockable minigame modes you CAN play, which from the one I’ve played is pretty fun. More on why I’ve only unlocked one later, however the point of the game is to go around the board, hitting event spaces and building up your happy points, as well as money. Money doesn’t have as much of an impact as it takes 1,000 bells to equal 1 happy point so it varies game from game on this one.

It doesn’t sound like much and it’s a VERY slow game but it’s pretty relaxing and fun I’ve gone through I believe 10 matches of the main game with my wife and enjoyed it a lot, however the single player is… lack lusting. You still can play by yourself but since there’s no minigames it does kind of make it pretty bad, whereas with having real people you can talk and embrace in the cuteness of the game. For the most part the game is pretty balanced I’ve only seen a few times where it hasn’t been, and that’s mainly because if you get the rare event that gives you 70k+ bells you pretty much auto win. It’s not awfully common but I have seen it four times in my eleven matches (played one with NPC’s) and aside from one time that person won.

There is small events that happen in game though that also helps with the pace a little bit, such as when Red comes to visit and you can buy cards from him with special effects or the fishing tourney, or bug catching contest that just helps give happiness points. There’s also the stalk market (I never got that joke until this game, sometimes I’m awfully slow) that you can buy turnips and try to sell them back at a higher price, all the squares are random and you can get really good prices (typically on fluctuating) or make a little bit of a profit, or just have the stalk market crash. The last one is typically not that frequent so you’ll see more of the others more frequently. There is also special activities month per month to do, such as collect candy for Halloween for October (which I found to be the best one) and sometimes there just isn’t much aside from bug catching. It’s not bad and I’m actually glad that while it’s the same map each and every time there is some variety.

Speaking of variety, for every 100 happiness points you get in game you get 1 card that you can spend on a few things. The happiness points are for each amiibo, so if you have 4 and have 4 friends, lay em all down and you should typically have about 8 cards per game you play, which will help speed up getting variety and it’ll also unlock the other minigames you have access to. By unlocking variety, I mean you can change the town, adding bits and pieces here and there on the board to make it more varied. Gives you new events as well, it also gives you alternative paths which isn’t super useful in some cases but in others is a welcome addition. You can also buy amiibo cards to add more villagers! Which I did, only 1 pack though so far to see how much it changed. Not as much by the way, the main thing it does is just add characters to your game, which isn’t bad just not much use. At least you can still use them in Happy Home Designer too so that helps some.

I have played the Desert Island Escape however for the optional minigames, I’ve also unlocked two others but I haven’t tried them yet unfortunately. However for Great Island Escape it’s a pretty fun little side game, you go to an island and try to collect items to get you off and need to not run out of food or time. It’s pretty fun but the first couple of times can be pretty confusing since it doesn’t give you all the details. It actually reminds me of a different game called Lost In Blue, I never did finish that game though, so I don’t know how good that one was. But yeah the minigames are at most a side distraction, on the bright side they’re fun and not the main appeal of the game! So no foul.

There is three last things I’d like to leave off with, one being I really hate how you roll the dice having the put the amiibo down, each, and every time. It’s not game breaking but it is quite annoying and hope that gets patched out. On the other hand I really enjoy that you can play with or without a time limit! That way if you know you only have a certain amount of time you can set the time limit and the game will be done by then. Pretty nifty honestly! Plus the fact that in order to get the most out of it you need at least four amiibo is kinda annoying to same I’m sure, not to me as my collection is WAY to huge as is but I could see that being annoying to others.

That being said while the game is rather fun people’s mileage out of it may vary. Make no mistake this is a game that is for Animal Crossing fans first and foremost, it’s not the Animal Crossing game people wanted but it’s awfully cute and fun.

And that’s why I give Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival a 6.5 out of 10. Not a bad game but it has some flaws and isn’t for everyone.

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