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Indivisible exposes why forced diversity and its proponents keep failing


The next casualties of localization?

Whats even more infuriating is their disingenuous detachment and copout answers to the outcome of their own actions:Jim Sterling’s answer to the DOAX3 situation was to dismiss it as “corporate decision”. Keep in mind this is the same man that said Anita Sarkeesian wouldn’t take away our games. The same man that said, and I quote “This is an industry that would rather make no money than some money” yet can’t seem to understand that the influence of the critic who pioneered this movement and that he supported saying we wouldn’t lose our games has in fact done just that.

A man that can’t understand a company, seeing this crowd managing to prevent the sale of GTA5 in an important retailer in Australia with what are essentially lies would be concerned the same could happen to their product and would rather not risk localization.

And that my dear readers is the true problem with the so called pro-diversity crowd in gaming and why any idea proposed by them will never reach any kind of lasting success. Because those pushing for this ideology in our medium aren’t the same that put their money and effort where their mouth is, instead they are the ones hindering it the most, causing trouble to its customers and those that love gaming unconditionally.

What the outcome to Indivisible’s campaign will be remains to be seen but in any case one thing is clear, the origin of the support behind it and hopefully its success lies in gamers’ shoulders and no one else.

*One of these writers has time to mock those affected by DOA Extreme 3 not getting localized while having ZERO front page posts about Invisible to his credit.

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