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So that just happened: The Talos Principle


I’m not a fan of trying to define anything by a single word. It tends to be a fruitless effort that, more than an exercise in synthesizing, fails to consider most of the facets any one thing comprises and is comprised of in its relation with the world. Even so, this doesn’t mean that there are indeed certain are words and concepts that spring to mind first when we think about something.

As such, Beautiful is the first word to pop into my mind when I think about The Talos Principle.

Sure, this may seem pretty obvious, but the game shows it to you and lets you experience that developmental dynamic in a rather concrete fashion. And it gives you the opportunity to be one of those stepping stones that will help someone eventually reach farther and farther. Maybe you couldn’t climb that tower, but your knowledge and experience will be instrumental for someone else to be able to do it. That’s also a beautiful thought, I believe.

Well, those were some of my thoughts on The Talos Principle. I loved it, it’s beautiful and it made me reflect on a lot of important aspects of life. I get the feeling this may have become somewhat confusing, but I hope I managed to convey what an amazing experience this game was for me.

Have a nice [insert time of day you're in when reading this] and enjoy life. Yours, preferably.

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