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Its Monday, folks, and yet another day in insurance hell. Having my 2nd Anniversary w/ my wife today and its spent in my cubicle as well as finishing my the basement on my new house. Happy Anniversary sweetheart...I'm workin' my ass off for you!!!

Anyway...finally got to spend some quality time playing CNC3 and I must admit...thats a damn fine game! So far, I've only gotten to play thru 3 GDI missions, but I'm intrigued in the way EA has fused the old-school with the updated graphics and production values. Not half-bad at all.

I think I'll post a full-blown review later this week, after I've had some more time to spend with this one.

One more thing...if you have a chance, you HAVE to watch the YouTube video of a minor-league manager from Mississipi go absolutely bezerk at AT&T Field in Chattanooga (my base of operations) last night. PRICELESS!! Click the magic link!
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