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Meesa Back! (or, here, or something.) Dev Log #1


Hey guys, remember that time I posted a few months ago talking about how bad my life was? That was pretty funny right?

Well no it wasn't.

Luckily it's over. And it got a lot worse before it got better. I went completely broke at one point, and almost had a nervous breakdown. In the aftermath of it all, my wife suffered panic attacks every day for a month and was quite ill. But things have been slowly creeping back to normalcy and it all started when I got a new job at a well respected computer parts store in town here called Memory Express.

I love my job, and it also pays well. So we have been getting our shit together in life and it's a good feeling. Just this week I got approved for a consolidation loan to tie up my loose ends and really start actually paying off debt instead of just "staying afloat". So things are better. Much better! I'm happy now, much more so than I have been, in every aspect of life. Plus my kids survived our financial turmoil and that was all I was worried about in the first place; that we could keep eating. Though as you can tell from this picture, I could probably go awhile without eating. (Hur hur)

Six months of shit taught me to go without, and I have. I've foregone just about every major game release in that long period and it's been easier than I expected. I've been playing nothing but Mario Maker and Freedom Planet, and have been putting my energy into a lot of different boats creatively. But being in an industry now where I literally work with a bunch of nerds, I have opened up a lot more about my interests and hobbies, and I feel a lot more like myself. And I've been rolling with that feeling ever since.

For about a year I've been dabbling with coding, playing with different languages, and recently started buckling down and diving into game development. I'm doing this at the same time I'm learning about web stuff (currently assessing the possibility of putting together a Freedom Planet website since I love the game that much) so I'm pretty busy.

One thing I've learned about game development so far; you really just need to start making ANYTHING. My first "game" was a block moving on a screen jumping over other blocks. I'm still working on that one. And the game I'm putting more of my energy into is a visual novel, a spoof on Doraemon. About a "magical" inter-dimensional cat who comes to his clumsy child owner by way of a flushing toilet, and offers him "gadgets" to improve his life. (which are nothing more than junk he takes out of a garbage can, and consistently gets the kid in trouble) I have a weird sense of humor and a particular "art" style. And I am putting them both to work. The VN is a spin off of some comics I did in my free time...has nothing to do with them in character or plot, but the tone and humor is there. Very dark. Very weird.

The thing is, despite being a visual novel and being not much more than text and images, I'm still playing with Python scripting as a result which is actually a lot more hands on work than what I've been doing in engines like Construct, which are basically drag and drop. The important thing is simply to work, get stuff done, because it all contributes; even the work I've done in HTML and CSS on the side has contributed. It's all part of the same pot.

Speaking of Freedom Planet? Wow. Great game. And there is a great Indiebox for it coming soon. I not only think it's a fantastic follow up to Sonic, unofficial though it may be; I think it's a MUCH BETTER GAME than the original Sonic games. The mechanics speak to me lovingly, in hushed sexual whispers. It's great.

Destructoid, I've missed you. I still haven't adjusted to the quickpost mentality of the blogs, the odd writer here still irks me. I made a discovery after starting my new job, that one Dtoider here (who I have even communicated with a few times) I have actually known for years and years, going back to high school. We aren't friends and we don't talk, but we got along well. The world is small and strange.

I just wanted to check in. I am doing a lot of writing these days, but have become far more interest in the development process that it has started to consume all of my time. I stopped blogging here due to the site changes in part, but also because I was feeling very miserable. I'll still pop in though probably to write about game dev stuff. Anyone here who is interested; just dive in. But start small. My platformer is one level. My visual novel is one chapter. I'm going to throw together a two dungeon RPG soon. When I tried years ago to make games, I tried for the kitchen sink approach. DON'T DO IT. Learn first, ambition later.

Later, Gators.

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