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Obligatory Introduction


Alright fellow nerds - I go by Atlas, and I really like video games.

I'm an art student, but I want to get into game design. My schoolwork consists of mostly digital work, animation, and photography, but I dabble in roughly a million other things. When I'm not at school or doing schoolwork, I'm either gaming or watching let's plays. Honestly, I watch more let's plays than I actually play games, but this is due to my desire to learn how different people interact with different games.

My favourite game genre is definitely horror games, with SOMA and Amnesia currently topping the list. I also enjoy puzzle games, platformers, RPGs, and a myriad of other genres; with notable favourites being Portal 2, Super Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, Link Between Worlds, almost any Kirby games, Skyrim, Dead Space, Delver, Borderlands 2, Life is Strange, and Fallout 4. I also fall in and out of being obsessed with both Minecraft and many of the Pokemon games.

I probably missed something, but that should cover it for now. So. Hi.

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I can't stress enough how much I like vidjagames.