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Feedback on our Cblogs Editor?


Hey beautiful cbloggers,

On Iron Paladin's post I noticed a few requests to improve our Cblog editor, and wanted to better understand what the bugs and requests were. I was actually surprised that most people didn't love the changes, as I licensed what appears to be one of the better software packages available to try to improve the site. Maybe we're missing some plug-ins you like or something? Please let me know.

The software we use is called REDACTOR. Here's the full web site about the blog editor we use with all of the available plugins.


One of the features people have requested for a long time is the ability to have editor save a background draft so that data loss becomes less likely. We're going to try to get this one done next.

If you're experiencing any bugs when editing blogs please let us know how to replicate it. Thanks!

2016 Update

Next year we're rolling out a completely updated CSS framework for the site which addresses most of the Quickpost weird formatting issues, makes it easier to browse and follow cblogs, and other fixes for Marshmellow and iOS 9.1. I'll post a separate beta link once we're closer to launch so you can kick the tires.

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