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I am excited for the next few Zelda games


I guess I must have overlooked the story in Ocarina in Time and Twilight Princess.

I have to say at the time I was a very simple high school kid that was suffering from sleep apnea. To me Zelda was a simple game about swords and dungeons and vanquishing evil. Simple stuff, the story was kind of neat. Good but kind of boring for me. (That is before I could appreciate other anime than Gundam and Digimon) To me twilight princess was a pretty good game, it was just enough to get me through the set backs on Metroid Prime 3. (Seriously that wait was too long, and Nintendo should have never limited internet access till after PBR... screw that game) But I mostly overlooked the story and went straight into that game not really getting to take in the world or the story. Apparently there was a lot more going on than what I had originally seen.

First: This video has spoilers So if you do not like those then don't watch it.

Here is a link to the video as the blog manager is broken again and I cannot get images or video to work properly without removing all of my text.

(Also it has monotone voices) But this really opened my mind to the possibility that the Zelda Universe is not quite so simplistic. Which is really neat cause I always thought it was. That said I really though it was cool that there might be a possibility that the new game is going to be connected to twilight princess. Is it going to tell the story about how Gannon became corrupted? Is it going to tell the events after Twilight Princess? Is it going to tell the events before Skyword Sword?

I am really excited to play Twilight Princess again, as that game was just too low resolution for its own good. As a lot of the lore that would make the game a lot better is just far off enough that its hard to really understand what is going on. Though I might play it on my Wii U in advance a bit as I have not really played that game seriously since 2006.

So excited to see the pre-order get filled, I do not normally do this but with Nintendo games the risk of the game being less than what you paid for is getting less and less as most people have claimed the Wii U not worth their time.

So excited :3

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