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The real question

I sit here often at my desk, staring out of the large windows that face the empty parking lot in this business park, just watching that crazy world go by. Like the same old man in the same old Silver Neon that goes driving this way and that, every hour. I keep meaning to stop him and find out what the he ll he is doing, but I'm afraid it will be something dreadfully dull like "getting coffee for my terrible boss (who hits me)" or "trying to travel back in time as slow as possible," etc.

Whatever it may be, it must be important, because the dude is always doing it. I don't think he's ever taken a sick day either, since he's always here when I am, and I'm here all the time, doing my terribly important job: staring.

I'm a supervisor, you see, so staring is really easy for me. And it's not just blank stares either. Sometimes they are meant to intimidate, while others are meant to convey empathy. My favorite is the "I've had too much to drink today and you are really driving me crazy, you vapid wench" stare, which I don't think can be captured by any [man-made] camera. I think, anyway. They are probably working on it. Science struggles on.

So yeah, I get paid to stare, and I stare. I'm good at it too. I can stare at desks, at chairs, at the ground, at the phone... all with much ease. I stare at the clock as well, but it's not as much fun. I would rather stare outside than inside; what do I need a clock for anyway? I have a perfectly good Silver Neon Powered Watch Handô circling the building. He'll be outside after the batteries die inside.

All the same, sometimes I worry about him, endlessly driving. Somedays, I want to look out and not see him, just once. Then I could think, "maybe he's with his wife or kid, driving them around somewhere instead. Maybe he took a day to relax. Science can take a break, he should too!"

But I know that would never happen. He's serious about his driving. Nothing will change him. Nothing at all. His sites are set on the future, or something. He goes on, and wears down the clock, doing God knows what, for the sake of us all. Maybe.

Or maybe he is a pitiful person inside. Whatever. He still drives by my window. He just went by again actually. Just driving and living life, one hour at a time. And all I can do is watch.
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