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I build for Tina

Many of you may be wondering who the fuck is Norwegian Tina? Is she a Norse Goddess sent to Vent Chat to sort out our usual sausage party? Is she the alter ego of Ron Workman after one too many drinks? Or is she just some haggard chick who sent a few pics of her tits with "Spice Girls" written on them in glitter puff paint? Fuck if I know.

What I do know is that if you were there, it was epic. Here's a quick recap (forgive me, as I wasn't there when she arrived): Norwegian chick gets bombarded by questions from about 15 dudes in the Vent Chat. Somehow one of them acquires the above-linked pic of BEWBS. Hilarity ensues as Ron "Greybush" Workman starts asking her random questions about Cleveland Steamers, Sheep, watching gladiator movies, and pepperoni nipples. Lauren then comes in, and Tina's glad another girl is in the chat (big mistake there, Tina). Lauren proceeds to talk about her big ten inch and how it needs to belong in Tina's pooper. Destructoid crew comes in to sweep Ron away from the chat for the latest Podtoid recording, and the entire fiasco moves to Stickam for webcammy goodness.

Somewhere along the way Lauren continues to berate Tina, Electro Lemon is making it rain dollar bills (and some $20's in there, li'l pimp), Twisted Imp shows off his own pepperoni nipples, and then Sausage Fingers busts out a pimp hat. Tina bolts, Stickam continues to be hilarious for a bit as Gregor and Lemon are now both sporting pimp hats, and screencaps get crazy-go-nuts. Many copies of photoshop get fired up, Lauren posts a blog, a thread gets made, and a new D'toid star is born. Tina, you're that shining star... or just some haggard chick in Norway.
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