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Flicker Friday 2 - Insomnia


Hey Happy Flickerin' Friday, Destructoid!:

Did I catch you off guard? I'm sorry baby-dear please read THIS stealthy article I made my debut in. I snuck one right by ya CBLOGRecaps. Huhaah!

Now THAT is out of the way....

How are you? I'm doing GREAT. I'm living life. I'm liking life. I'm feeling pretty good overall. That COULD be due to the drug the dentist gave me still in effect. But that's not the point! I am super duper happy!

I had a root canal. I had fillings cleaned. I have a new crown. I ONLY shelled out a couple hundred bucks (thanks Obamacare). And I've been eating healthy for quite some time and have gotten a taste for the fruity goodness of homemade smoothies (all thanks to my cheapo blender) and whatever-flavor-I'm-feeling-like-making greek yogurt.

Everything about my life is great up until 10 pm.

That's when shit hits the fan.

I'm just over-exaggerating.

But in all seriousness life sucks when it comes to sleep.

Because I'm still working on my insomnia.

Sleep deprivation, like depression, occurs for all sorts of reasons. It could be a symptom of an illness you are sufferring from, you could be anticipating tomorrow's exciting events, you could be dreading it, you could be caffeinated or overcaffeinated recently. Again there are all sorts of reasons.

What about laziness? Sure that could be a reason why you don't sleep on time. Or partying. I think my reason is the former but it could be that I lose track of time. I'll level with you, I'm not sure.

I just know it's been happening over the past year frequently. I just can never seem to get to bed on time. I believe it's a phobia I'm developing.

That perhaps I subconsciously do not like my job enough to sleep on time.

That whatever I plan on doing on the following day will just be pushed aside so that I could arrive to work on time. It's something I've been pondering about for quite some time.

I believe this is also a major contributing factor to my incredible hiatus these past few years. When I compare my sleep schedule or sleep.... (I want to write "agenda" but that's not the right word) routine(?) with the people closest to me I begin to look at my life choices with ALOT more scrutiny.

In all honesty I believe that a schedule is in order but the major problem I have with schedule is that I CRAM SO MUST CONTENT in a single day that I drown myself in disappointment and stress. The anxiety wells up in my throat and I'm ready to croak (ribbit).

My plan is to take my expectations of the week and treat them like they were homework assignments. I'll assign when they need to be done by and call that last minute due dates.

I'll give myself three thresholds: early, expected, last minute (making last minute some grace time in case I actually use last minute deadlines). Then I will reward myself accordingly.

Eg: Pay X Bill by Friday.

Fri = last minute. Wed = on time. Mon = early. Reward: buy myself a subway sandwiche.

These are just ideas I'm playing with to help reorganize my life so that I sleep a lot earlier and stop having bags under my eyes. My goal tonight will be to sleep by 10 pm so that I could wake up at 6 am and get a head start on my day.

I'm hoping this works because otherwise it'll interfere with my new, healthier life style.

But don't you worry! I won't let this flicker me away destructoid. OHHHHH NO. You and me are going to be BESTIES if it even KILLS ME. We'll be like two jailhouse INMATES. We'll be INtiMATE in ways we DON'T talk about to the general public. <3

At anyrate, did you like this wierd informal post? I tried to do something different that was outside of my comfort zone so I wrote this while my neighbors argued over which one is going to take out the trash. I only hope that last moment of silence doesn't mean someone was just murdered.

Leave a comment underneath if you have criticisms, questions, liked what you heard or have suggestions on ways/incentives to getting yourself to sleep early.

Bonus Question: What time do you sleep at night and how many hours of sleep do you have on average?

Keep Toiding, Toiders.


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