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Shadowrun: The Review


Initially I had low expectations for Shadowrun simply because I didn't really think RPG and FPS could be mixed well.So when I actually got down to playing the game I was confused as hell as to remembering magic and tech placements and all that. Honestly though,it took me about ten minutes in before I realized that I was saying the words Holy Sh**t and AWESOME every five seconds,and it wasn't just me.Everyone in the twelve or so games i've played(PC users and 360 users) were all screaming out praises to this game. It did occur to me though that for a multiplayer only game it was kinda lacking content,but then I was proven wrong again.FASA Studio announced that very soon we will have the first patch for Shadowrun adding alot of content that was planned to be in the full retail version, but taken out due to lack of time.Things like split-screen play on local and xbox live,another race(Orc I think),and some other secret stuff. They also said that there would be more to come after that(they weren't saying anything about what, but atleast we got something. BOTTOM LINE
If you are even the slightest bit of a halo,FPS,RPG,or counter strike fan.This game will give you ABSOLUTELY everything you'd want in a game combining these things.It also is nowhere near as bad looking as it was in Beta form, this isn't another Gears,but it definately packs a punch.
The levels are all extremely interesting and only add to the graphical quality of the game.I won't even explain how, you gotta see two of the temple levels for yourself.Great job FASA, SHADOWRUN kicks ASS.

Gameplay: Takes a while to get used to, but after a few matches it feels like second nature.You won't be able to play another FPS without getting the feeling it's just a little behind.(Believe me I already tried).No longer does the FPS Genre consist of only point shoot grenade repeat.

Graphics: This is one area that might not blow you away(After Gears what could),but it does look very good and some of the levels are absolutely georgeous.

Sound: In the sound department Shadowrun is up there with every other Triple A title.Especially in a 5.1 surround setup.Bullets wizzing your head,enemies teleporting, and the roar of a summoned beast as it slices through your foes(Or vice-versa) just sound amazing.

Longetivity: This game only has three gametypes and it already has everyone i've talked to addicted.Throw in what is going to be added soon and this game might still be in my 360 2 years from now.

Innovation: Simply OOZING the word.The gameplay the maps, everything.Even the levels on this game have elements in them i've never seen.This game took a bold chance and it pays off BIG-TIME.

Last tidbit, find it funny how my Gamestop had eay less Shadowrun but sold them out as were there 60 copies of Forza at days end half were still there.
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