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Flicker Effect 01 - The Return Of Kwamouflage


Hi. :D

I’m new.

I have never been on Dtoid before.

I am a brand new user to destructoid.com.

Okay. I told that lie three times and it stopped being funny about two minutes ago >_>







you will find the truth.

the sick sad unapologetic truth





I let you in my soul.

Scroll for the saddest lol.

scroll DOWN!


You know that friend that thought you moved away or didn’t like them but you really just stopped talking to them because you’re too busy trying to keep the other factors of your life from fall apart?

No? Me neither.

That’s also a lie.


The truth is my life was in shambles.

Those of you who already know me, this is a formal apology. I stopped writing.

I lost.

I let the bad guys win.

I stopped writing. I stopped communicating to anyone all together.

I lost my job. .. yup.

I started then working for a warehouse, damaged my back, and fucked my hands up (so then I REALLY COULDN’T TYPE oh the irony!)

I went through physical therapy and suffered a myriad of mental abuse from co-workers to upper management. That work place was a disaster. Even now as I type these words I am rethinking posting them. Maybe I should hit that backspace button, not save, turn off the pc and walk away and leave this part of my life behind.

Not even sure how to continue from here. There are a TON of other reasons why I stopped writing to you my faithful readers (I don’t think I have readers, I’m just saying that word to humor my frigid ego).

Maybe I should be one of those obnoxious guys who write a whole "TOP 10 Reasons Why I X!"

But that wouldn’t really be me. Instead I’m just going to list the other reasons in no particular order. Because this is a video game website and not really my old man diary I’ll try my best to relate my Strange Journey in just a couple of words: depression, employment, minecraft, cartooning, perfectionism, moving, youtube, podcasts, anime, and, of course, gaming.

I’ll level with you; this was originally over 5000 words.

Yes. Each word was explained in full detail BUT!!!

heheheheheheh, butt

BUT after the proofreading phase I only depressed myself again. It read like a crazed man's manifesto of "O' woe is me! Why I suck!", and that’s also not me. I would much rather break it down over the next couple of weeks in its own mini-series that I’m (funnily enough) resurrecting: Flicker Effect*, which I [once explained] as “much like pod-fading but with blogging. A blogger appears and disappears after a variety of hiatuses. Flicker Effect applies to game development (delayed games), comics creating (large gaps between issues) and tv shows.”

I fully admit that is a made up word but as I once promised “I’ll be making more words up as we go along.” I also go on to be a pretty snarky asshole about it too.


At any rate. I am back. For now. O_O

I really do hope I keep this up. I’m not even sure if I will. This is my attempt to STAY. AT. The writing thing. I keep being told that I’m actually good at it and my typing speed is stupid fast (which doesn’t mean anything, really what I’m saying is my fingers just need something ELSE to type other than office documents.)

This is a stream of consciousness that I want to dump because at the moment I:

A. Do not do much socializing. I’m always busy with work, family obligations, or any of the other reasons listed (in color) above. And I actually like socializing and responding to what this community has to say about our passions.

B. I have crazy wacky ideas I can no longer dump on my co-workers. I have infected them with the cray and there are no longer any new minds to infect. I am just in fact a walking, breathing mind virus here to spread whatever new nonsense occupies the gray matter between my ears.

I love you toiders. Keep toiding.


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