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They call me spooky: The beauty of solitude


I come to this place of rest once more, reflecting on where I've been and what I've seen. Sometimes it's a campfire, a sanctuary, a coffin or a terminal, but it's a place I can stop and catch my breath before deciding to call it a night or continue my journey.

Some days, I never see another living soul. Or, at least, a soul that doesn't wish me harm is a rare sight. Often it's a pirate, a lost soul or creature within a ruin, a castle or subterranean labyrinth. To be fair, I'm an intruder and they're right to meet me with hostility. I have a mission, an obligation or a duty to perform. I have to stop them and they must stop me.

And then, we meet. After all the horrors and beasts, the mazes and ballrooms, a single soul imprints upon me or asks what my purpose is. Or perhaps it's just a phantom appearing for a moment by the fire, resting just as I came to do.

Not long after, we part ways, each on to our own goals - alone again in a desolate world, an empty castle or aquaduct. And yet, for that meeting, what should be a ruin or a dragon's nest becomes a splendorous, breathtaking sight. For a moment, the encounter gave that place a soul, a purpose, a reason for being and lives again.

And then, in the catacombs and the ballroom, I can hear the songs of those passed on and feel the music swell within me as I read their lore upon the walls.

The ghosts, beasts and demons surrounding me here should terrify, but as the music rises we instead join in a crimson dance, a sanguine rhythm to which we all consent. I leave each partner breathless, motionless, collecting their power or the relics they leave behind and continue on my journey.

They become one with my armor, their souls are ensnared within the marks on my flesh. I have taken their power for my own, it's the price they pay for dancing with me - the fated savior of the galaxy, a wanderer of Lordran and the one who will challenge Lord Dracula.

And as I find the next sanctuary and rest, I think of those I've met again, ones like Maria or the hatchling, even the soul that just faded by the fire with a wave. I feel the spirits I now possess empower me as I go into stasis, as I close my eyes and allow these dancer's legs respite.

I feel the darkness engulf me, smiling softly as I dream of horrors - of the things that would drive others mad and probably have.

Then, I awaken once more and only see beauty. I might be alone, but I'm part of all that were kind toward or dared cross me. Woe to whomever be the latter, but let us dance all the same.

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