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Ugh! I updated my PlayStation TV...


Simon says; "No fun for you!"

Like I said in my other blog I really enjoyed my PlayStation TV in the last month... However last night I went to buy something on PSN and it required and update... And now the email exploit has been patched. So after work today I had time to play the trilogy again before my next shift, I was welcomed by some stupid message saying my system was incapable of play that game.

Which I know for a fact is a lie.

So now I have 2 games that will not run on it. Luckily Sly Cooper 4 will work, but now I have less and less of a reason to play it as it will spoil most of the fun from the other games.

Now I have a system that is stuck under the tyranny of Sony, who is more than happy to not support it, and to patch out any exploits that actually would make me want to buy games for it. So now that I am stuck with the firmware, cause you have to buy a new system and hope it was not updated...

I have less of a reason to actually buy anymore games before I think about getting an actual Vita or a PS4.

But then again is it really worth buying a system from a company that has done so little with the little things, could I really trust them to make good on the big things? The answer for me right now is no. Sony has again shown them to be the same arrogant jerks they were the last generation. In the back of my mind I remember them patching out Linux off the PS3, even though originally that was a feature for the system... It comes to me at that time I remember people talking about how Sony was cruel to do such. But I did not care at the time cause it just seemed silly that people would want to use a PS3 for a computer. Now how the tables have turned...

So this is where I am at, its not really much of a great place right now. I guess there is a lot more important things I should be worried about if can finish Sly Cooper.

But this is a sad-face moment.

As I know Sony has no good reason to come up with a better alternative than waiting for the next "easy" hack of the white list... It really did not have to be this way. And in many ways I find it really poor on their end that they can give the PS4 controller a speaker and a share button but no back side sensitivity. If they were really planning on the Vita being an extension of the PS4 it should have controlled more similarly thus making the controls much more similar and thus making this whole white issue issue a no PS4 controller issue.

But you know gamers rather have stupid features instead of back side triggers.

I know that is not fair, but it is just beyond frustrating considering the PS4 came out two years after the Vita. But dang just a little bit more planning and they could have gone for a grand slam.

Well that is enough for now, gotta get some sleep :D

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