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The Gazetta Gazette Vol. 2: The Epic Conclusion!


Sometimes, things just slip through the cracks. Sometimes, things even slip through the cracks below the cracks. But don't worry! The Gazetta Gazette has got your back! Hold on, though-- Who has The Gazetta Gazette's back? Why, that's an easy thing to answer: The Gazetta Gazette has its own back! It has two backs! That's how backed it is! Try not to be afronted about it!

... A-Ahem. What I mean is...

Never fear, good citizens of Destructoid! Your unwanted source of free word vomit will continue to be delivered as promised! So without further delay, let's resume the news right where we left off!

Dragonball Heroes Ultimate Mission 2

For some of you, Dragonball Xenoverse was the first time you'd ever seen or heard of Bandai Namco finally letting players have more influence in the Dragonball world they'd been letting them play in for years. For others, there were other little games here or there, and for others still, maybe you'd heard of the lost MMO, Dragonball Online, that is the foundation of Dragonball Xenoverse.

For those of you in Japan, there is also Dragonball Heroes.

Dragonball Heroes is a series of arcade and 3DS games (as well as being the sixth card-based fighting game of the series) that lets you play with an insane number of characters. You've got player avatars with multiple classes from multiple races to choose from: Saiyans, Namekians, Frieza's clan, Majins, Androids, even Supreme Kais.

The current version of the game, Ultimate Mission 2, is a year old now, but despite this, it's still receiving content, which is pretty damn good for an arcade game, based on my understanding. That begs the question, though: What can you add to a game at this point to keep it interesting? Is there still content left in Dragonball to even add when the amount of playable characters in this game is over a hundred? What power can possibly be called upon to-

Oh. Yeah.

The Maximum Power of Super Saiyan 4 Broly would do it.

Digimon World: Next Order

While those of us outside of Japan are getting our PlayStation consoles ready for Cyber Sleuth, over in Japan, they're gearing up for a brand new Digimon title, as you may have already heard about. While it doesn't look good for those of you hoping for a roster of somewhat decent size compared to Cyber Sleuth, otherwise, Next Order sounds like it's going to be pretty good... if once again banking a little too much on nostalgia: this time even to the point of some unknown future content linked to the new Digimon anniversary anime!

Well, let's see what kind of story they've got cooking for us this time...

It’s been a long time… your heart flutters in your chest as you start up the Digivice. In an instant, your entire body is covered in a pure white light.
When you wake up, you’re in a mysterious world with no entrance or exit.
Shattering your confusion, an unknown threat attacks. And your dear partners come rushing to your dilemma. The bonds that were almost broken are connected, and a path is formed.
It’s the last summer vacation of high school. From a miraculous light, the gate to a new adventure opens.

Oh. Damn. Right in the feelings.

Read more at Gematsu.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

How do you promote a new Jojo game? By making a fighting game and calling it Stylish Tag Jojo Action. I'll let you have that with your imagination for a minute before I explain.

Done? Good. Cleaned up? Good.

Eyes of Heaven is actually two-on-two tag team fighting game based on the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga (and now anime) series. Developed by CyberConnect2, the game features characters from all across the franchise, with abilities unique to them and their specific story arcs. Similar to CyberConnect2's Naruto titles, the game offers fun to play action that will be enjoyable for Jojo fans and friends alike. I'm somewhere in the middle, myself, but I'm getting there. If there were any modern games based off the first four parts exclusively though, I'll tell ya...

Anyway, Eyes of Heaven comes out on December 17th for PS3 and PS4. Check out some screenshots below, or click the Gematsu link below them to find some trailers.

Read MORAORAORAORA at Gematsu!

Trillion: God of Destruction

While Dragonball Z currently has my favorite God of Destruction right now, that doesn't stop me from being tentatively hopeful for

Trillion: God of Destruction. Formerly known as Makai Shin Trillion, although this game is Compile Heart title on the cover, one glance at the aesthetics, one listen to the soundtrack, and one sniff of the zombie blood will probably give away the fact that there's a certain amount of staff on this project that is better known for games like Disgaea.

If you've never heard of the game, that's fine too! It's about taking down a single boss that holds a trillion HP with characters based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Crazy, right?

Trillion is set to come out in the US and Europe physically and digitally Spring 2016. Stick around for some screenshots.

You can read more about Trillion at Gematsu!

Nights of Azure

Some of you may remember hearing about that darker looking Gust RPG that people having been talking about. Back in June, we saw a trailer for what Western media dubbed as "Land of No Night." Well, Yoru no Nai Kuni has finally received its official English name as well as a localization window. Now known as Nights of Azure, the game, sadly abandoning its PS3 and Vita versions as it travels overseas, will be launching on April 1 in Europe. If you really want it on the Vita, Koei Tecmo has said on Twitter they'll try to appeal, so take to those social media outlets, people!

As an aside, it's probably worth mentioning here that during TGS, Gust mentioned all three versions of the game (in Japan) would be receiving free "Episode" DLC after launch, which incidentally was delayed until just a few weeks ago. Thus, we've yet to see it yet, as the game hasn't even been out very long yet. If you're interested in more, then naturally, there are some more screenshots cropped to an almost impossible to enjoy size here for you to enjoy.

You can read more about Nights of Azure at Gematsu!

Atelier Escha & Logy Plus:
Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

While Nights of Azure is giving the Vita a fond farewell as it comes overseas, Atelier Escha & Logy was made just for the Vita. This enhanced version of the PS3's Ateliera Escha and Logy is coming packed with all kinds of goodies, such as a new episode of the game, the usual Plus version's assortment of new costumes, and of course the benefit of being able to play your game wherever you want!

No physical or US release date yet, but the game is set to come out in Europe in January, so chances are it'll follow around the same time in the US. For now, check out some screenshots!

You can read more about Atelier Escha & Logy Plus at Gematsu!

Moero Crystal

There's not a lot to say about this that hasn't been said already, to be honest. It's a DRPG about rubbing monster girls, like Moero Chronicle before it, which followed Monster Monpiece except not being about a superior card game, like this. The monster girls have very little monster about them, but there are a lot of them to rub, and the gameplay of the previous game was apparently pretty solid.

Really, the point here is just that the game is getting an English translation via its Asian localization, like the game before it, and since Vita is region free, you can preorder this with your Gundam game and, if it comes down to it, say it got in your cart by accident.

Read about Moero Crystal at Gematsu!

Mentioned on the first page of The Gazette, this section is for information on games that have already been on Destructoid, but maybe haven't come around in a while. I'd use more words, but I don't want this to run into three parts, so here we go!

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni

And now as an apology for how top light the first part of this issue was, we'll start off with a banner featuring what everyone probably expected the whole thing to be like in the first place. You might remember hearing about Valkyrie Drive and its weaponized lesbians a few months back. I could also point you to my initial thoughts of the anime, which tells a separate-but-still-related story, but I could save you the trip and suggest watching Sonic '06 Let's Plays instead.

The game is looking alright, at least. We've seen a little more of the game now, and we can expect it to be similar to Senran Kagura in that it features busty girls in a brawler where you'll be losing clothes as your enemies lose their lives. In this case, the more you fight, the more your characters get aroused and closer to each other, the stronger you get.

Honestly this seems like they could've just added some of this stuff to Senran Kagura and called it a day, especially since some of it seems borrowed from Neptunia U, but what do I know? Just that Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni comes out on December 10th in Japan. Check out some screenshots below, or click here for some footage.

Read more at Niche Gamer and Gematsu.

Monster Hunter X

Monster Hunter is a series you sometimes can't just have an acquired taste for. You might need to make yourself acquire that taste. With Monster Hunter X, things are a little different. It's been designed specifically the way it was to ease new players into the franchise, with game mechanics and structure such though that players can slowly get used to the game's mechanics. New monsters and ecology have been promised to keep players excited, as if the "Nyanter" mode wasn't enough, and they've even gone on to say that X will have the same pacing and DLC amount as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has had.

We've seen new monsters and glimpses of the new mode galore, and all in all it's looking pretty damn snazzy. The game is also going to be having a collaboration with Yowamushi Pedal of all things, though I doubt we'll be seeing that come overseas. Check some screenshots out below, or if you're feeling antsy, here's some footage. Go, cats, go!

You can read more about at Nintendo Everything here and at Gematsu here.

Omega Labyrinth

Let's just get this out of the way for those of you who didn't check out the last issue. The logo is breasts. The game is about breasts. There is nothing subtle abreast.

With that out of the way, let's move on! In a nutshell, this exciting roguelike dungeon crawler is about girls going into dungeons for boobjobs because it beats plastic surgery. Players will be faced with challenges like appraising items with their chests, not being able to do that if their chests aren't big enough, falling into pits that decrease chest size, and dealing with your mega lesbian Navi.

Senran Kagura, what have you done? Well, you can find out on November 19th, or by looking at the screenshots below or the trailers you can find through Gematsu's tag, also linked below.

Inflate your Omega Labyrinth knowledge at Gematsu!

Atelier Sophie

Last seen on the front page when it was announced June, we've since learned quite a bit about this cross-platform PSV, PS3, and PS4 title! While it seems to be in many ways traditional Atelier stuff, the game's concept seems to surround the whole idea of learning about what alchemy itself is, and "ideas" in themselves. For what may be the first in another series of Atelier games, this approach makes sense, but aspects of the game seem to be fitting to this theme accordingly. The book character grows as your knowledge does, and how you experiment with customization and crafting will apparently greatly change the outcomes of your, well, experiments!

We've also been since introduced to quite a few new faces for the game, some of whom you can see below. Two childhood friends, Monika and Oscar, have joined Sophie in her quest, as well as Harol, the handsome, Snapelike store owner, and even a girl whose hair totally didn't make me think she was a catgirl at first. Gust has also detailed the game's battle system quite a bit, as well as how the flow of time will effect gameplay, like in previous Atelier titles.

You may have noticed that, by the original Destructoid article's mentioning, the game should be out already. Unfortunately, the game was delayed, but as of right now, is set for release November 19 in Japan.

We haven't heard about a localization yet, but if you want to see some footage, boy do I have you covered. We've got a little introductory teaser, some gameplay footage, and even the game's opening cinematic!

You can read more about Atelier Sophie at Gematsu here!

MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu

Better known by us outside of Japan as Death Under the Labyrinth, MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu is the second Makai Ichiban Kai title of Compile Heart's following Trillion, once again assisted by some really talented outside talent. The DRPG title is about a group of characters and their guardian robots going around to fix their planet, which has halted rotation.

For those curious about the outside talent brought in for this title, let's take a gander at this Niche Gamer article for info.

  • Director: Tomoki Tauchi (the lead on Metal Max 3 and 4)
  • Character Design: Ryoji (Live a Live, Marl Kingdom series)
  • Guardian Design: Hidetaka Tenjin (Macross, Gundam Evolve)

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, since we learned that, we've seen that, particularly for a Compile Heart game, the customization does look pretty decent, and while game doesn't come out until December 17th, maybe the below screenshots or this trailer can give you an idea of what to expect. If not, maybe these more in-depth trailers based around customization in the game and combat in the game will help with that.

You can read more about this crazy game at Niche Gamer or Gematsu.

Senran Kagura Estival Versus

Despite the fact that we're fast approaching the release window for Senran Kagura Estival on the PS4 and Vita, over in Japan, the game is continuing to receive new content. Most recently, three characters from the manga and anime series Ikkitousen (known to some as Battle Vixens) made their way into the game, and now the previously unplayable Naraku and Kagura, from Senran Kagura 2, will be joining the game as well.

New gameplay modes have also been added to the game via updates, including new story modes and a five player mode involving the destruction of watchtowers. New finishers and costumes have also been added and will continue to be added to the game through post-launch updates and DLC.

You can view gameplay for the Ikkitousen characters here, here, and here, or you can check out some screenshots of Naraku below.

Read more about Estival Versus at Gematsu and Niche Gamer!

Skylanders Superchargers &
Skylanders Superchargers Racing

It's the sad truth of gaming. When someone rips off Nintendo, they're shamed for it until their product ceases to exist/be remembered. Who remembers Robopon or the massive success of the other clones? On the other hand, when Nintendo rips off something, people eat it up and shame the thing that was there first. Weird, right? Ironically, though, for all the negative comments people have about the series, the funny thing about Skylanders is that it's actually had Nintendo's patented two-version system going on since the very first game, but in reverse. Instead of releasing two games that are basically the same under different names, they've been releasing two completely different games under the same name for five years now.

This has led to most people not even realizing until it's pointed out that the handheld versions of the games are completely different, and stretches to that when they finally do decide it's time to change up the names of their handheld games to give them proper recognition... This happens. Woops.

Basically, my first point of business here is to address the fact that Skylanders Superchargers Racing exists. It's a thing. I wish for it to be acknowledged so that a second one might be a thing. So with that aside, let's talk the figures!

  • Originally, Frightful Fiesta was a Gamestop exclusive. It was actually a timed exclusive, and you can get it anywhere. Celebrate Halloween with yours today.
  • Wave 2 released October 4th, unleashing the likes of the new Terrafin and more out into the world.
  • Wave 3 is coming up, with Fiesta's car and the new Pop Fizz leading the ranks. With that, most of the Superchargers line appears to be done! Enjoy it, and keep an eye out for those Black Friday and holiday sales.

Here's some screenshots of the two games, which have been out for a while now. The starter packs are currently 25% off at Best Buy and other retailers, so if you're interested, they now cost as much as normal games new and come with figures.

I guess... Kotaku... maybe...? I just kinda follow this stuff.

Genei Ibunroku #FE

This has been quite a controversial one, now hasn't it? I've talked about why I think some of the more controversial aspects of this game work more than people give them credit for to death in a separate blog, but all the while, Atlus and Nintendo have been giving us a steady supply of info.

While our last peek at the game on the site was pegged as a story trailer, this trailer was actually a character-specific trailer, rather than a story-specific trailer. What's more, there were actually two others that accompanied it left unposted on the site, one for the protagonist, and one for the Mirages. You can view the trailer for the protagonist here, and you can view the trailer for the Mirages here.

Since then, we've also been introduced to a bevy of new characters. Mamori Minamoto, a traditional girl who likes to sing Showa era ballads, joins the case as the partner of Fire Emblem character-turned-Mirage Draug. Fan-favorite Fire Emblem character vixen Tharja has also joined the team's Mirage squad alongside fellow Awakening hero Virion, whose partner is another new character, this one an actress aiming for Hollywood.

Last but not least, an otaku by the name of Barry Goodman has been added to the cast. Good times are surely ahead!

You can view the new character trailier for Kiria, Tharja's partner, here, or you can view the actress Eleonora's trailer here. If that's still not enough for you, Mamori also has a trailer right on over here, but if you need something a little more filling, there's always Very Good Man's trailer-- I mean Barry Goodman! That's what I meant. Really.

Genei Ibunroku #FE comes out in Japan on December 26. Check out some screenshots here if those videos weren't quite enough.

You can read even more about #FE at Nintendo Everything and Gematsu,

Compa's House o' Neptunia

Covered in the last issue of the Gazetta, Compile Heart's Neptunia series has been pretty active since it was last mentioned on the site. Maybe not as active since the last issue of this "magazine," but since we're being a little more organized and detailed this time, let's (briefly) cover what they've been up to.

Extremedimension Blanc + Neptune vs The Zombie Army

In this Tamsoft-developed PlayStation Vita followup to Hyperdimension Neptunia U, the Neptunia cast casts aside Neptunia U's stripping mechanic and opts to go to high school to learn about the people. And also to make movies. And then the zombies become real!? ... Yeah, it sounds a little bit like they did the Hyperdevotion Noire thing again and crammed more than one game-deserving premise into one game, but maybe it'll net a better reception this time around?

U's old roster is boosted in this title by Neptunia Victory's Plutia and Peashy, Neptunia V-II's Uzume, and new character Tamsoft. The game itself totes the addition of multiplayer and zombie antics in addition to the high school shenanigans as its big point of promise, and it's coming out soon now out already in Japan, with no current date set for a Western release yet.

Here's some footage, and check out some screens right here.

Extremedimension Blanc and Gematsu vs The Source Army!

Hyperdimension War: Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls

This title, also for the PlayStation Vita, is an official collaboration with Sega's own consoles-turned-girls, the Sega Hard Girls. Developed by Felistella, this game tinkers further with the usual Neptunia gameplay, introducing new class and skill systems, a fever gauge, as well as featuring IF and a new Sega-based character as the heroines.

Players will traverse through different eras of Sega's history and witness the feuding Neptunia and Sega Hard Girls characters in each respective era of the shared delusion Sega bigshots dream of after they finish crying themselves to sleep. See Neptune and Saturn, Plutia and Mega Drive, Nepgear and Game Gear, and more battle it out in this crazy adventure!

No footage yet, but the game launches in Japan November 26, so while you're waiting, check out some screenshots here.

Gematsudimension Sourcetunia vs Zetta's Soft Gaze... Who would win?!

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Neptunia hits PS4 for the first time with Megadimension Neptunia VII, and it's been confirmed for an early 2016 release at that! The characters of Neptunia hit the next generation in more ways than one with this entry, and they'll be duking it out with foes of all kinds, from giant robots to the likes of Capcom and Konami.

And for those of you who want to like Neptune, lovable (if brutalized by localization on occasion) heroine of the series, but for whatever (possibly size related) reason can't like her, you're in luck! Neptunia VII introduces a dimension-traversing version of Neptune that is human and older to boot. Beyond her, players can also enjoy DLC characters based off of God Eater, Million Arthur, and NitroPlus.

Here's a chunk of off screen footage of the Japanese game, and for some imagery, just look down!

Megadimension at Gematsu.

Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis

Technically, the only announcement or mention this game has had on the site was when I-- I mean, when that other guy mentioned it briefly in the last issue of the Gazette, so since we're being more organized this time and we've already covered things again anyway, I'll briefly mention this a bit.

Battride War Genesis is the third game in the Battride War series of Bandai Namco developed Kamen Rider titles. They play like the Kamen Rider Warriors games I've always wanted, if the Kamen Rider Warriors game I've always wanted had offensively long load times, asset reuse that would make Compile Heart blush, and difficulty that would... Okay, the point is, they're not amazing, though the second did improve a lot, so maybe this one will too?

The third game is coming out February 25th for PS3, PS4, and Vita, and actually sounds pretty promising so far. This previously yearly-releasing series skipped a year for its third entry, and it's got the roster to show for it. Now including all of the Showa-era Kamen Riders as well as a few secondary Riders from shows before Kamen Rider W, it looks like it's at least making some serious effort this time around.

There is footage of the game starting to surface ripped from the game's official website, but as you can only see it on the individual character pages, these screenshots will have to do. Stick around, though, because I can at least use this chance to link the teaser trailer from a while back while you're here!

You can read more about Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis at Gematsu! Not much to see yet though.

Yo-Kai Watch Busters

As it turns out, the Moon Rabbit Team "version" of Yo-Kai Watch Busters, hit spinoff to Level-5's hit Yo-Kai Watch series, is really just a free update to the two existing versions of the game. Said free update does promise some goodies to players who own both versions of the game, but otherwise seems content to promise new content for free for players to enjoy.

The Moon Rabbit Team update is a pretty hefty update, all things considered. It's adding characters from a recent Yo-Kai Watch movie, as well as adding new playable Yo-Kai and new big bosses as well. Who knows what else they'll be stuffing into these games before they're through?

You can watch a trailer for the update here.

Gem-Atsu Watch and Siliconera Watch helped solve this case.

Stella Glow

Maybe you remember Stella Glow, maybe you don't. If you don't, maybe you remember the DS series of games known as Luminous Arc. It was the first series of games now-defunct Japanese developer Imageeepoch brought into the world, and while the third game never managed to come out in the West, I have a soft spot for the first two games, which showed remarkable improvement from one to the next, and were generally enjoyable experiences on the DS.

Stella Glow was envisioned as the rebirth of that series, coming about at Luminous Arc's ten year anniversary. It's coming out soon in the US, November 17th to be exact, with a Spring 2016 date currently set for Europe. You can read more about Stella Glow here at Gematsu, where links to many, many trailers will greet you. If you're in the US, you can also gain access to a demo for the game on October 27th. If that doesn't interest you, though, fear not! We've still got some screenshots for now.

If you want more, once again, Gematsu will do it. Don't forget to check out the demo either!

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force

The PS4 update of this Zetta approved Kamen Rider game disguised as a Compile Heart game is keeping most of its surprises under wraps, but we do know some of the new things it's adding. Besides for what was previously mentioned on the front page, like the doubling of party size and such, we've seen some new transformation of Fang's in a trailer, come to find that Fang will potentially be joining forces with the first game's villains in this new version's additional story sequences (as at least one is confirmed to become a party member already), and more.

Advent Dark Force launches in Japan on November 5th. Compile Heart did a... I suppose this can only be surprised as a Compile Heart Indirect, which features about 20 minutes of gameplay once it gets going.

Having put a lot of time into the original game, I have to say, it looks like they've made a lot of improvements. Here's hoping it turns out as great as it looks right now.

Read more about FFFADF on Gematsu!


While I'm sure drug jokes have a time, place, and audience, the site's previous coverage of Kenichiro Takaki's new Vita title, Uppers, already has let loose a flurry of details despite only just being announced, so we might want to wait to make them for a minute, lest this old school brawler-inspired title knock us senseless with information!

As I mentioned, Kenichiro Takaki, of Senran Kagura, IA/VT Colorful, and Half-Minute Hero, is the producer for this title, and it's been reported that this is a game he's actually wanted to make since before even Senran Kagura. Perhaps more interesting, the character designs are being done by Hiroaki, better known to most of you as the artist behind most games in the The King of Fighters series, and the scenario is being done by
Yukinori Kitajima, whose previous works include Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, Okamiden, and apparently they were an assistant on 999 as well? Whoa!

Oh, and they write for Senran Kagura too, but hey, Takaki made Half-Minute Hero and no one remembers that anymore.

As for Uppers, the game looks pretty inspired by old school brawlers (and the new school lack of them), many of which did happen to have people cheering in the background, so it's actually pretty cool that the game's got a mechanic built around them. If this were a blog, I might go on to speculate that perhaps the original mechanic might have been simply interacting with the people cheering in the background, and only later turned into a more breast-themed mechanic after Takaki revisited the idea after Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive, but I digress.

The game's combat is described as crazy and all about the action, without any sense or complicated combo strings. Your stance and movement will determine how you damage opponents (if they're flying at you or falling versus if they're standing for example), and you can also throw things at your enemies to damage them too!

And yes, there's motorboating. Vroom vroom

Speaking of drug jokes with times and places, I've waited this entire post to point out that Refrain was the name of a psychodelic drug from Code Geass, a tidbit I still remember even after something like ten years. Vroom vroom!

Anyway, now that that's out of my system, you can go read more about Uppers here at Gematsu and here at Niche Gamer.

Ace Attorney 6

While it isn't looking good for The Great Ace Attorney's chances of localization right now, we already know Ace Attorney 6 is going to be localized. What you might not have known about this game is that it's been confirmed that Apollo Justice will be sharing the protagonist spot with Phoenix Wright. While Phoenix is dealing with cases abroad, Apollo will be back in Japa-I mean, California, he'll be back in California keeping care of things there.

This seems to mean that players will be tackling cases in two different types of courtrooms! Sounds exciting, right? Check out some screenshots below if you want to see more.

Objection! You can read more at Gematsu!

Dengeki PlayStation's 600th Issue Creators Questionnaire

To celebrate 600 issues, Dengeki PlayStation rounded up a bunch of our favorite PlayStation developers and got to asking them the questions the people want to ask them. I'll post some of what was asked here, then link to the full interview below.

■ Capcom’s Masachika Kawata

Q: What are your thoughts on the opinion that the feeling of horror in the Resident Evil has faded?

A: Putting out derivative titles has been at the forefront, so maybe it looks that way. Of course, I think that we must work on titles that manifests horror and we are working towards that.

: Are you going to release HD versions of Resident Evil 2, 3, and Outbreak?

A: It’s a big hurdle, but we want to meet demand as much as possible.

Q: What about Resident Evil 7?

A: I can’t currently say anything about that… Please look forward to it.

■ GungHo’s Kazuki Morishita

Q: What are your current plans for games on PlayStation systems?

A: There are, of course, plans. I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting, but please look forward to the future.

■ Koei Tecmo’s Hisashi Koinuma

Q: What Warriors style game would you want to make?

A: Star Wars Warriors.

■ Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata

Q: What game do you want to make following Final Fantasy XV?

A: A next game is definite. I want to challenge large-scale even further. It won’t be a sequel to Final Fantasy XV, or a series that follows the flow of Final Fantasy Type-0.

■ Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi

Q: Is Yakuza Studio considering any new IPs?

A: The basic no comment, but we’re considering it.

Q: Will Yakuza 2 also receive a full remake?

A: First we’ll release Kiwami, and it’ll depend on the response of that.

■ Mages’ Chiyomaru Shikura

Q: What happened to that collaborative project with Kojima?

A: Metal Gear Solid V is out, so I want to officially start it up soon.

■ Level-5’s Akihiro Hino

Q: Is it possible we’ll see Yo-Kai Watch appear on PS Vita and PlayStation 4?

A: It’s possible. It’s possible we’ll require a new “field” upon evolving to various forms of entertainment.

If you think some of this sounds crazy, that's not even the half of it. To read the rest of these questions and answers, head on over to Gematsu!

Monster Strike

While I won't make you guys work through the whole interview given the other interviews I've already put up, you might be wondering what kinds of things will be traveling from the mobile game to the 3DS game. You'll be happy to know that, as we learned in a recent Famitsu interview...

"By the way, we don’t have plans to implement a similar payment system to the mobile version."

... So there you have it! You can read the full interview over here at Nintendo Everything!

Genei Ibunroku #FE

Have we talked about this game yet? No? Didn't think so.

Interestingly, despite how people are focusing so much on this seemingly "heavy focus" on idols, it seems as though something that the developers have mentioned briefly before has gotten overlooked, and now they're setting the record straight in this interview. When questioned about the role of music and entertainment in the game, the response gained was the following...

"It’s not just music, we’ve depicted a wide variety of entertainment forms through the party members. For instance, Toma dreams of being an action star, aspiring to take the lead role in a tokusatsu program. Additionally, Eleonora is a young actress who aims to be a Hollywood star. There are some issues because she’s half-Japanese, so there’s some bittersweet drama in her quest to fulfil her dream.
Of course, there’s lot’s of music too! Tiki also sings tracks aside from “Beastie Game” and we recently introduced the songstress Mamori the other day – there’s music prepared for her too. In addition, there’s characters performing in duos, characters with theme songs… there’s quite a lot of variation. You’ll see everyone shine in a range of scenes so please enjoy!"

You can read the full interview over here at Nintendo Everything. Me, I'm totally not over the moon one of the characters wants to star in a tokusatsu series or anything. Not at all.

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

The folks behind this game have been pretty open about this game, which is swell, unless you're worried about the whole potential paid DLC that dataminers have uncovered in the game. That might be something some people will take issue with, though I'm going to wait and see myself.

Some other things they've been open about the game might make you feel better (or worse) about it, depending on your perspective. let's check it out!

MariChan: I'd like to cut straight to the chase. Three-player cooperation is the main selling point of this game, but to be honest, I think there are lots of adults who'd find it difficult to get three people together to play. I really hope those of us who don't have so many gamer friends won't be forced to sit this one out...
It's OK! It's actually a problem for me, too! I definitely can't get two friends to come over and play most of the time. But please don't worry about it! This time we've made it easy to find people to play with online, so even geezers like me have a chance to play! You can connect with friends, with complete strangers, or with a combination of the two.

The above was taken from Zelda Informer here, and it kinda makes you think. If you know that, why include content that's locked to local play?

Well, again from Zelda Informer, maybe it wasn't something that there was a choice in...

MariChan: "Is there a way to play by yourself?"
Shikata: "Of course there is! Well, i say that now, but at first we didn't have a single-player mode, and I went around saying "It's so much fun to play with three people! Who needs single-player?!" But then I reluctantly made one because Mr. Aonuma told me to. That's the truth. But once we'd made it, I was surprised at how good it was, and so we put it in the game!"

So... The single player was added in when the game was done enough already to play at Aonuma's request? That might explain some things.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Who likes Sonic? You do, right? Good! You like the Classic ones more? Well, that's an original and unique opinion you have there! Still, I've got good news for you. Sega of Europe recently had this to say about the series...

“Sega has publically apologised to the fans as the quality of console games in the Sonic franchise hasn’t been acceptable over recent years. It’s been tough translating that iconic side scrolling 2D experience from the 90s into 3D but Sonic is still huge for us so the new games will be more inspired by how it played in its heyday.”

Pretty inspiring, right?

Well, it might be... if not for the fact that this is coming from Sega's marketing director in a blog mostly about mobile games. Still, who knows? Sonic Team's said they're still invested in console Sonic, so maybe the future will be bright!

... Someday!

And that's a wrap, ladies and gentlemen! I really hope at least one person out there got something out of this. That's what counts and all that.

Because damn. This was quite the endeavor!

See, last time, I think a lot of the effort I put into this was the wacky funtime image edits. From what I remember, I think it took a couple of days, but nothing particularly extreme feeling... This, on the other hand, well, all in all, from keeping track of things to drafting the little segments on my phone when I was at the hospital to doing it and the pictures and stuff... I'd say I've been at this one double blog for about two weeks. No joke.

And I didn't even include everything.

Anyway, dramatics aside, that's it for now. Maybe a quickie will appear in the future with the stuff I didn't include/cut out/whatever, but I dunno. No trailer section like I originally had though, because multiple videos + this site's setup = the horror, the horror!

More importantly, to you guys who write about games regularly, on a daily basis at that, I wanted to say things that I feel were sappy things here, but I was exhausted before I got home to finish this, so I'll have to say it some other day.

The short version is these writers will put a decent amount of their time and effort into playing games, reading up on these things, watching videos about games they might have absolutely no interest in to pass on the info for those who won't, or even just whipping up a blog that has a link to something else and maybe a summary of something someone else wrote.

It's something that doesn't get a lot of recognition, especially with our community and the internet in general seemingly getting more chaotic by the day, but maybe once in a while, people could step back, appreciate those around you, and then they could climb up on each other, whether they're green or red or blue, and enjoy their hobby together, even if they have completely different opinions and thoughts about the games they play.

Screw that purple guy though. He likes mobile games.

... Yeah I lost it at the end there. Sorry.

Bye guys!

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