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Free Highlight: Power Drill Massacre


Rather than write a 'review' for every game I play, and especially because I don't feel like giving traditional reviews to free games, I've decided to write a short, barely edited previews of free indie games and to let others try out these games themselves. Not all these games are good, but some may find them interesting.

Power Drill Massacre is nostalgic about a lot of things. It's nostalgic about PS1-era survival horror games. It's nostalgic about 80's slasher films. It's nostalgic about synth-powered soundtracks that play at the worst possible time. It's also nostalgic about just every bad horror game trope of the last couple of decades, but that all combines into something just freaky enough that it's worth a playthrough.

The version that's being discussed is the playable alpha build on IndieDB. It was made as a proof of concept for a larger release, which is currently being made. But the newer version lacks the retro look that the alpha build has. The alpha build features low resolution textures and assets, and looks like a blend of something from the PS1 and the PS2.

The game doesn't last more than thirty minutes, and while there is some form of puzzle to solve, chances are the killer will probably run towards you without notice and violently murder you before you finish it. It may be worth a playthrough for anyone looking to add to their list of horror games to finish before Halloween. I loved the aesthetic, and while the game wasn't memorable enough to warrant a second play, I'd say it was interesting enough to go through it at least once.

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