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Friday Night Fights: Good Dog Edition


Warning: NVGR emotional stuff incoming. Skip to the bottom for the vidya garmz.

I should preface by saying that if you're ever in a situation where you have a choice between using Craigslist to look for roommates or being a homeless person living in a refrigerator carton, the refrigerator carton is probably the more reliable option.

I'm in the unenviable situation of transitioning out of the house I've been renting for the last seven years because both of my roommates imploded at the same time. I'm on the hook for all of the back rent they didn't pay, so I just can't afford to keep living here. That's fine. I have friends looking for someone to help them pay for their apartment. What's heartbreaking is that I have to break up my pack of dogs.

How I ended up with four dogs is a really long story. The short version is that I inherited a pregnant Labrador (and a chihuahua... and three Corgis...) from a "friend" who moved out suddenly to chase a girl. That Lab, Nibbles, gave birth to a pack of half-Lab/half-Corgis. I found homes for the dogs he left behind and most of the pack, but I couldn't bear to part with three of the puppies. It was expensive and exhausting but my roommates at the time were solid, so I could afford it.

Three years later, they're a bonafide pack. Moms still licks and cleans her babies. The little monkeys play and wrestle and anyone who has visited has quickly fallen in love with them. They're little engines of joy. Happy, healthy, well-adjusted and just a teeny bit wild. (Just how I like it.) They've been my constant companions. They're personalities are distinct. Brick is the quiet, loyal alpha. Bootsy is the princess. Maceo is the spitfire. Nibbles is the big, happy Mom who still doesn't realize that she's not a lap puppy.

As you can imagine, it hasn't been easy. On top of overtime at work, financial troubles, the stress of cleaning out a house, and preparing for a move, I need to find good homes for my best friends. To say I've been a wreck is an understatement. In addition to everything else, I'm trying to crate train Brick so that he might be able to come with me. My new roommates already have two cats and introducing a dog to that equation is a process that takes time. Even if Brick does everything right, and he has so far, the cats might not adjust. In which case... well...

Whatever happens, I can take pride in the fact that I raised a trio of happy, friendly, healthy dogs. They'll light up any place they go. They are the Daywalkers of their respective breeds: all the best traits of Labs and Corgis, none of the weaknesses. I love them and I'll miss them like crazy.

So, yeah, I'll be taking a break from hosting games for the next couple of weeks. I hope to be back in a couple weeks hosting Black Ops 3, both MP and Zombie mode, for the late night/West Coast crowd. I will be drunk. If you're a dog owner, please give your little buddy/buddies a hug for me.

-The Defenestrator


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