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Sly Cooper Collection (BOB)


Well I guess it is more than fitting that I had to use a certain thing to get my PlayStation TV to run all the white listed games.

A few years back I would never do such, but since the PlayStation TV is next to abandon ware I thought buying more games would not hurt. Having a PS4 controller basically meant that I should have been able to play those games from the beginning but now at least I have the whole Library open to my console now.

Sly Cooper HD collection went under my radar as it seemed to me. Here I was complaining that there are no good action games and quite literally there are three pretty good ones on the Vita. This however is an up-conversion so all the cool tricks they used on the PS2 release to make the game look great for the time are now very apparent. As there are some textures that did not make the translation well.

I should mention that only the first two games are actually on the cartridge. The third one is only a digital code... so don't buy this used you won't be saving money on it. I got this for $20 which is actually a really decent deal considering there is 3 really good games, that is about $6.67 cents which is still less than the PS2 versions I think... checking... Yep, well unless you have Amazon prime, but there is cost in that too. Unless you really want the PS3 version which costs less and can be 3D.

I watched one of my friends play this on the PS3 and it looked like a pretty good series. Action with some collection, but not to the point it was overly crazy. The controls are near perfect with only two snags, the first person mode and the trigger under the joystick. The first person mode works okay, but it is hard to get up and sometimes will trigger randomly if you get too erratic with your hands. Likewise the the trigger button under the joystick enters the touch mode... which is really redundant for the touch pad... and instantly you loose total control. Which is a pain in some of the platforming segments where I got overly excited only to get frozen and stuck on a falling platform.

Besides that this game controls really well, and is quite forgiving for newer players.

This series is built for kids but has jokes and other stuff for adults :) Which is really a dying breed for the current generation. So it is great when collections like this come out. Personally at the time I did play this game more than a few times at a best buy, and my child mind was blown by the 3D graphics and cell shading.

But the art direction for this game is great. It looks like if a 90s cartoon mixed with a comic book and it really works well with a character that is almost like Blood Pool when it comes to breaking the forth wall. Sly is kind of a jerk, but one of those jerks you want to root for. (all dat late 90's angst :D )

But it works well cause he interupts redundant information, to save the player so his coolness does not come off as bad as Sonic Team's version of 3D Sonic. (Archy comics did it so much better, if

they ever want a cool Sonic they should swallow their pride and ask them to do the story...)

It is really a shame that the collection came out at the same time as the PS3 version, not to say that either needed priority but I think for the most part this would have been a really great exclusive for the PSP Vita as it is literally the trilogy in the palm of your hands. (even Nintendo did not put Super Mario All Stars on the GBA or DS)

That said this is a great buy for anyone that owns a Vita or PlayStation TV.

Thanks for reading.

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