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October Game Quest: Week 4, Five Nights at Freddy's


Come one come all, watch this horror boob n00b play the scariest games he owns! It's no secret that October is a scary month and so why not celebrate with five weeks of horror game streams? Why not indeed!

I'm not gonna lie to you folks, because I love you guys, but there isn't a whole lot to say here for two reasons. First off this game is kinda of meager. Now I'm not trying to disparage the guy that made these Freddy's phenomenon games, or the people that like them, but there really isn't a whole lot here to talk about. What Five Nights was, boils down to a a jack in the box; you have to play through about five minutes of gameplay hopefully correctly - on my second go I still didn't know what I was doing as the instructions are, probably intentionally, piss poor in this game - in order to not get jump scared. Kind of like setting an egg timer and if you forget a murderous mechanical animal jumps out at you.. with a knife!

That being said it is a cool premise. I like the jumping around different camera perspectives to look for things. I remember seeing AVGN talk about a game very similar to that that apparently represents some very niche genre of games I'd have to look for what rock they're under to play at some point.. The atmosphere is pretty terrifying and the characters are interesting. I think the jump scare noise sounds lame but it sounds good enough to get my hair to stand on end. I guess what I'm saying is this game feels empty despite a little bit of promise. Oh well, this game was introduced to me as being "just youtube fodder" by someone at some point.

Now on to reason two. I was scared shitless playing this. I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm just afraid to ever have to go back to that place again. It gives you a feeling of dread when you know these freaks are walking around and you're unsafely situated between two doors that can't be closed without draining power and leading to a meltdown and your death. On that for a second: Fuck that. I hate when an aspect of game that is so crucial doesn't actually make sense. Why does keeping the doors closed drain the power? Oh because they're special high tech doors you say? Why on earth would a kid's birthday place ever have doors like that? And why does looking at the camera drain power, surely they're still on even when you're not looking at them. I know I'm being a total killjoy right now, but you have to understand the part that's designed to intimidate and instill fear in you is not justified.

But, anyway. I wasn't up to the task to press on that night. In addition to technical difficulties, I only streamed it for about twenty or thirty minutes so there isn't much to see. Oh and this week was pretty busy. Shame I couldn't finish a two hour game but it was hard to get myself to set everything up to stream for which I will hopefully be making up for soon.

Speaking of soon. Next week is also the last week. Sad but at least we're going out right. As I said a few weeks back, the week five mystery game was settled on Alien: Isolation. I've been meaning to pick this one up forever ago as I've only heard good things and man I cannot think of a better time/reason to get it. It will be scary and it will be streamed. Why not come join me in my fear and see October out together, right proper? I will be streaming it tonight (see also: about 10 hours from now) because last week was such a bust and also because Isolation is apparently a fairly long game. Want to make sure to get through it so expect daily streaming. Adios!

List of Scary Games/Schedule

Week 1 - Lone Survivor: Director's Cut (Replay & Stream)

Week 2 - Slender: The Arrival (w/stream)

Week 3 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Week 4 - Five Nights at Freddy's (w/Stream)

Week 5 - Alien: Isolation (w/Stream)

You can catch me while I stream here: twitch.tv/nanashi707
And you can get updated on when I'll be streaming exactly here: https://twitter.com/nanashi721

Otherwise thank you for checking my blog out, see you next time & Happy October!

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