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Darkest Dungon: An EA Review Excerpt


"Victory cannot come without madness"

Things would not end well for me.

I should have been tipped off when, a few meters from the dungeon entrance, my Vestal got caught in an Iron Maiden while looking for treasure, becoming claustrophobic in the process. Yet I pressed on. Then that filthy kleptomaniac of a Crusader (some holy warrior he was) stole a thousand gold right in the faces of his companions. Still I moved forward into the dark. Perusing a stack of scrolls, the Crusader somehow became a compulsive gambler.

“It’s okay”, I thought, “This can still work out.”

Neither of these warriors would see the daylight, struck down in the final room of the dungeon, victory within their grasp. Half of my party slain; forever gone. The Highwayman and the Plague Doctor alone would survive to spread the tales of horror through the bar and the brothel; a further black mark upon the name of the Cuddly Puppy family.

This was the first dungeon of the game.

Curse you RNGesus.

This was the intro from my review over on a new Indonesian/English game blog, gaming.arshvein.xyz

You can (and should, because you love me, right?) read the full article here

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