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I love the Whore.....errm...HORROR, genre



Totally meant horror, you dirty minded people you

Rather then focus in on one specific game or franchise, I chose to take advantage of the season by writing a bit about the genre as a whole. I actually LOVE horror as a whole - how it puts you on the edge of your seat, how it makes it hard to breath at time, and it literally can freeze you in place and make you not want to move at all....I mean scary is just fun. I must admit, it takes a lot more to get a rise out of me these days then when I was a little girl - as a matter of fact, I vaguely recall one of my earliest Trick or Treating trips where I came across a girl wearing a Black Cat costume...I don't know what it was about that costume, but it scared the heck out of me! I remember running up to my father, crying and crying because of that costume...and I LOVE cats. Halloween is weird like that...

Anyway, fast forward to today. I've developed a very diverse taste in the horror genre. I'm definitely more of a fan of psychological terrors then demons and ghouls themselves (the exception being the Doom franchise). I have to admit that John Carpenter is one of my favorite horror film writers - the original Halloween series is still something of nostalgia for me, and The Thing with Kurt Russell is probably my favorite horror film of all time. As we grow older, it becomes harder to accept things that we know aren't real - monsters, demons (well hopefully), zombies, black cat costumes....uhhh....well anyway, my point is I find the truly terrifying aspects to be the things that could be perfectly real. Human beings actually turning on each other. Psychological terror. I actually am a fan of the idea of the Saw series for this aspect, however I've reached a point where the only film in the series I choose to focus on is the first one - all 7 or 8 of them after that only ruin the concept by adding unnecessary layering and caked on story. The same applies to the Paranormal Activity films. Like anything else in this world, when you beat any one concept into the ground so much...people start to lose interest. True terror doesn't come from the man running around in a plastic costume making horrifying sounds though, it comes from the truly horrifying twists and turns that goes on in the mind of average human beings. People are scary....


Seriously, it's an awesome movie

Regarding the gaming realm, I think my earliest fears in video gaming goes back to the original Doom. Obviously, I was exposed to Doom while I was still very young. My dad had it on his computer, and while he tried to keep me from ever messing with it I naturally was inclined to try the very thing that I was told I couldn't. Obviously...I never played it longer then 5 or 10 minutes at a time, because the darn game just freaked me out too much! I don't know if it was the choppy graphics, the clunky controls, the cheesy clip sound effects, or all of the above, but the game just got to me every time I went to play it. Watching the main character suffer as he took damage, getting bloodied up and visibly losing his confidence and composure was truly a terrifying aspect. This much would hold true throughout the franchise up until Doom 3. While I certainly don't find Doom 3 as intimidating now as when I was first exposed to it, it's still a game that I wouldn't want to just sit down and play in an unlit room (especially since I live alone with 2 cats). The thing that Doom 3 did well was of course jump scares and shock factor - not to mention that the gore in that game was very....dramatic. I still find Doom to be a grandfather of the horror genre, though there certainly were games to come before it that would do the same.

Resident Evil is literally the next game that comes to mind for me. I used to hang out with the older kids growing up (I was cool like that :3), and I had a guy friend (not a boyfriend people) who was obsessed with the RE series. He had books (one of which I borrowed) and of course every game that came along in the series. I used to be terrified just watching him play it, so naturally it took me a while to build up the nerve to play it on my own. Resident Evil 2 was actually the first game in the series I was exposed to, and the opening sequence alone was horrifying to stumble through - here you were, all alone in a zombie infested city with a little handgun and a couple of bullets. OH, and of course a knife that practically did nothing. So you scramble your way through town to a gun shop and think "oh, I'll be safe here, awesome!" Next thing you know...you grab a little ammo and the zombies come piling in and devour the shop owner. Oh. Well....okay then. I MEAN THAT WAS TERRIFYING to me as a little girl! Along the aesthetic lines, while Resident Evil is certainly a cleaner looking game then the early Doom titles, it still had clunky controls, sketchy environments, and of course you could visibly see your character suffering as you took on more damage. It's the little details like that that truly get to you, and they were executed to perfection. Maybe it's just the fact that the amount of exposure these days is so much more open then it was for me growing up...but it's very difficult modern day games reach me on that same level (though games like Outlast and Amnesia come pretty close).


Just don't look Claire.....

Indeed, it is very fun to be scared. The adrenaline, the icy cold lockup of nerves, it's a sensation like no other. What are some of your personal favorite horror games of all time? Did ET for the Atari get to you that much? Maybe Echo the Dolphin freaked you out? Hit me up on the comments below, sharing is caring! Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Halloween season, and make sure not to eat all of the Trick or Treat candy before the kids show up at your door....

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