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Watch as I handle a giant joystick!


So, I went to Computer Spiele Museum in Berlin last week, and I thought it'd be criminal not to do a fun, short article about the place in case any of you guys find yourselves in Berlin and want to have a geek out. Computer Spiele is pretty much a love letter to everything videogames, with a computer that plays noughts and crosses against itself and draws every time ala Wargames, a wall of fame that includes Ralph Baer, Nolan Bushnell, and figure o' fun Randy Pitchford (controversial!) and a slew of classic video game consoles from the Magnavox Odyssey through to the Wii/PS3/360, and classic arcade titles like Space Invaders and Centipede. They did have a Pong arcade and this awesome looking retro future green one, but they were look don't touch (aww). I did get lots of pictures, but then my phone decided it was the time of carousel and it had to renew and promptly decided to delete all of my Berlin photos. Thankfully my brother took this questionable video, or I wouldn't have a blogpost at all.

Photo taken from Wikipedia Commons, due to losing all of my own photos.

As to how Pacman handles on a giant joystick, I would answer not well! Maybe it was performance anxiety of having to handle a giant joystick in public, maybe I'm not that great at Pacman, maybe it's the fact that you can't do sharp turns on a giant joystick enabling the ghosts to quickly kill me when I'm cornered - who knows? A native Berliner in passing shouted "You've somehow managed to make the Atari joystick look even worse!" which elicited a chortle from your humble blogger. The museum had other cool interactive exhibits, like a 2 player game where each player had to lay their hand on the game table and whoever moved their hand first would be penalised by being administered a minor shock, or hot or cold sensation, what looked to be 4 player pong an a cool game where they had what looked like a light table with movable physical blocks you could move, and these silhouetted balls would bounce on wherever you put them and the phjysics would react as if they were actually bouncing off the blocks.

I'd highly reccomend if any of you are in Berlin to check it out. As well as being a great history of all things console and PC, it had some great interactive exhibits, and an Apple II that you could play Zork on.

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