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October Game Quest: Week 2, Slender The Arrival


Come one come all, watch this horror n00b play the scariest games he owns! It's no secret that October is a scary month and so why not celebrate with five weeks of horror game streams? Why not indeed!

This blog post marks the end of the second week of this game quest of mine. Week 2 featured the above titled game, originally released on PC as a single level (reused as the first level in The Arrival) with worse graphics but the same amount of scare. It missed my radar the first time around and it wasn't until I saw him at damn near every convention I went to that the game started popping up in my youtube and twitter feeds, for let's play after let's play. The game really picked up speed around that time, maybe 2008-ish?

Still it wasn't till this departed week that I finally got to experience it, and boy what an experience it was. The game is unsettling to say the least, in fact unsettling is an understatement: the game throws you in places you do not want to be. Often times your next objective lies down in a shady cellar, or through a dark forest, or an abandoned house with a trail of red leading into the bathroom, the only room with light in the house. What really stood out and was much needed, though a bit repetitive, was the pacing of the game. Scary scene, then normal, daylight, exploration, maybe even a bit of fun, and then night falls and it's scary again. The Arrival likes to play with horror like a light switch; the scare goes on and then off over and over.

I said it during the stream but it merits repeating: Slenderman himself is not that scary. I purely mean the character. A dude with his face whited out and wearing a suit is kind of amusing to me actually. However, it is everything else that makes him terrifying. They crafted this game perfectly to suit the character. You are in the woods at night and he shows up, that is terrifying. He chases you in an empty house while there's a storm going at night, that is enough to make my head explode with fear. He has a knack for just popping up when you least expect it, that raises the hair on my head and turns it gray all at once. I think what I'm trying to say is that I would have a beer with Slenderman, but the second I avert my attention and turn around and he's not chilling on the couch anymore but vanished I'm done, he can get his own damn beer and stay the hell away from me.

Scariest scene in the game was hands down the empty Church. In the Arrival there was a lot of coming to a new area of the game and nothing happens, especially in that section. You explore a house, a cellar, a mill, a shed, some other crap I'm sure and only the cornfield gets a little hairy. Then you make your way to the church finally and the game quits daydreaming and steps on the gas. You get locked inside, after reading a note on the table if you turn around Slenderman is right behind you - which made me jump a bit if I'm honest, even though he wasn't doing anything or moving at all just "appearing" like that was traumatizing enough - then you collect some doll bits and a demonic kid bursts in, you have little space to run around and a split second to figure out to duck into the side room to get behind him and charge out of the church.

All in all, I'm so glad I finally played this game. Even if it was nightmare inducing I am 100% glad I got to play it, it was a very satisfying game overall. Bottom line: Slender pulled out all the stops, Scary/10, it made me tap out.

Onwards though: Next up on the eerie itinerary is Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. I anticipate that this one won't hit Arrival levels of terror but it will still have its moments. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Resident Evil 2 but don't remember it being all that scary, save for the very beginning when you're injured and have to crawl through a zombie infested Racoon City. Been meaning to play Nemesis for a good while now, having picked it up for $3 God knows how long ago and this here is the perfect opportunity. Sadly, I can't stream from my Vita/PS3 so this one I'm going in solo sorry about that!

The rest of the month remains unchanged as it's probably better to just go with what I had.

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