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Stop saying we hate Genei Ibun Roku #FE for its "Graphics"


Holy Crap people I thought we were done, I thought we were over this stupid game but why am I still seeing comments like these:

Are we still on this bandwagon where we call critics Graphics whore? It feels really annoying when people address constructive criticisms of the game only to have another guy go "yu onlie hat bceasu yu hat teh anmz wtih thir idlz and msuizc.". Why are people still saying its the fan who are at fault? Is there a deeper meaning behind all of this sewage of comments? That's what I'm going to find out:

*For additional info on this "outrage" check out my previous blog where I talk about this and the original articles:



The Aesthetic situation

I'm just going to start by saying what a lot of people keep accusing people like me of, yes I hate the art style. I really do not like the "weaboo" influences in this game from its silly highschool idols and its tasteless fan service of ass and tits. Not to mention all the outrageous colors and costumes designs all combine into a confusing mess in my eyes

Also here's your proof OrangeArmy that these "disappointed fans" exist

Why are we still defending this?

To this day we still give companies like Microsoft and Ninja Theory shit over "ruining" games franchises by presenting good but disappointing games. I know that Destructoid seems to adore the company Atlus and its really not hard to see why. Like Nintendo they constantly deliver great games like Etrian Odyssey and Catherine that sometimes we forget about the mistakes they made like their poor European Localization skills.

Atlus is not perfect and they will not learn if we keep constantly defending them blindly when their wrong. The only way that companies like them will learn is if we call them out of their mistakes in hopes that their next attempts will be more successful.

- For the last time, I'm not an attorney!

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