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Stop saying we hate Genei Ibun Roku #FE for its "Graphics"


Holy Crap people I thought we were done, I thought we were over this stupid game but why am I still seeing comments like these:

Are we still on this bandwagon where we call critics Graphics whore? It feels really annoying when people address constructive criticisms of the game only to have another guy go "yu onlie hat bceasu yu hat teh anmz wtih thir idlz and msuizc.". Why are people still saying its the fan who are at fault? Is there a deeper meaning behind all of this sewage of comments? That's what I'm going to find out:

*For additional info on this "outrage" check out my previous blog where I talk about this and the original articles:



The Aesthetic situation

I'm just going to start by saying what a lot of people keep accusing people like me of, yes I hate the art style. I really do not like the "weaboo" influences in this game from its silly highschool idols and its tasteless fan service of ass and tits. Not to mention all the outrageous colors and costumes designs all combine into a confusing mess in my eyes

Don't Oogle, shes probably only 10 years old

Hold on though, before you act all triumphant let me ask you this. Why the hell would those people don't like anime aesthetics start giving a crap about this one? Games like these are definitely not at all uncommon, in fact here some of the few "anime" games Destructoid has covered:
  1. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
  2. Senran Kugara
  3. Criminal girls 2
  4. Dead or Alive
  5. Persona 4: Dancing All night

And guess what, there was not even close to amount of saltiness in the comments as they were when we mention Genei Ibun Roku #FE and do you want to know why? Because as hard as it hard as it to believe, people don't go around commenting on games they have no interest in at all in the first place because they don't give a shit about them! The only reason there's such interest around this particular game is because it started out as a crossover game between SMT and FE. The fact that the end product looks nothing like the original teaser is why people are upset. Speaking of Teasers....

The Teaser

Lets take a look at the teaser

A lot of people are saying its peoples fault because all it shows are the characters from both series, without any details about the game play. They claimed that for all they know it could be a shooter or a phone app or some any other kind of games involving the characters and that we delude ourselves with a game that never existed. This is why that is still a bullshit excuse; While its true that the game could have came in other forms at least those other games would have some form of connection with the teaser unlike the current game we got. If the game was actual suppose to be a spinoff without any connection to the original SMT then why only include characters from that game, would it not be the obvious choice to include characters from the other spinoffs like Persona or Devil Survivor? The game we got is a hardly a crossover, its more like Idolmaster with Fire Emblem cameos. It would be like saying Links awakening is a crossover with Mario because he can control a chain chomp, so why does the game have little to no connection with the teaser?

Because it was originally suppose to be a cross over, It doesn't take a genius to figure out that there were initially a lot of internal development problems between Intelligent Systems and Atlus when they first announced it. Why else was there complete silence on the project for over a year after the teaser was announced? Heck even the producer admitted it saying "if the development of this title conforms with the original [series], then Intelligent Systems should handle it. If Atlus are going to develop it, then it would be best to make it into the kind of title that Atlus specializes in" which proves that Intelligent Systems got the shaft in this deal. Nintendo had to restate their previous statement about the game saying that its no longer a crossover game; #GIRFE isn't necessarily a Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem crossover - it's an entirely new experience.

You can say its the fans fault all you like but Atlus is the one at fault here. Any marketing person can see that they advertised the game poorly, they promised a game and failed to deliver on that promise. Whatever its intentional or not its their fault for misleading and disappointing their original fans.

But all this controversy doesn't matter right, if the end product is good nothing else matters right?

A "Good" game is not good enough

What do Wind Waker, DMC and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts have in common?

They all got shit on excessively when the games were in development. I recall how many people hated new Dante because his looks and how different he looked from the older games despite it being an actual solid game. Wind Waker caught so much flak for its cell shaded graphics and despite the fact that it became one of the better Zelda's it become one of the worst selling game in the franchise, in fact this backlash resulted in the development of Twilight Princess. And I don't think I need to tell you about the new Banjo...

Despite what many of you want to believe, the way a game looks and is presented is extremely important. Make a game your intended audience wants, its marketing 101. That's why Destiny was such a huge seller despite it being shit and Okami sold nothing. Presentations does matter because how else are you suppose to attract customers; gameplay alone isn't simply enough to sell games.No one is saying the Genei Ibun Roku #FE is bad because of its graphics, whats happening is the the intended audience is being driven off by the aesthetics clearly meant for a whole entirely difference audience.

Also here's your proof OrangeArmy that these "disappointed fans" exist

Why are we still defending this?

To this day we still give companies like Microsoft and Ninja Theory shit over "ruining" games franchises by presenting good but disappointing games. I know that Destructoid seems to adore the company Atlus and its really not hard to see why. Like Nintendo they constantly deliver great games like Etrian Odyssey and Catherine that sometimes we forget about the mistakes they made like their poor European Localization skills.

Atlus is not perfect and they will not learn if we keep constantly defending them blindly when their wrong. The only way that companies like them will learn is if we call them out of their mistakes in hopes that their next attempts will be more successful.

- For the last time, I'm not an attorney!

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