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Friday Night Fights: Kept You Playing huh?


Let me start this out by saying that I love The Phantom Pain, but in the beginning I was torn between blowing through story missions and trying to make it last a bit longer as this will probably be the last true Metal Gear game. More than a month later, with 3 days of playtime and what seems like still a decent amount of story to go I am beginning to think I bit off a bit more than I can chew. when did I get old and start feeling that games that take more than 30 hours to complete are too long? Well thankfully now that I'm old I am susceptible to insurance calls so Konami's announcement of digital insurance is great for a person like me!

Seriously though I miss playing other games but I'm committed to finishing this without getting distracted, for those of you who aren't in a one-game commitment (dirty heathens) what say you to multiplayer this week?

-Amna Umen

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