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Who’s better, Sonic or Tails




Okay, so Sonic fans have been arguing over rather Sonic or Tails is the better character. Well, I’ll make it clear to you people. Tails is not any better just because he’s smarter with an I.Q of 300 or 400, but Sonic’s no better just because he’s super fast either. The main character is supposed to be the best character with the most skill, moves and techniques, so whoever turns out better should be or should’ve been the main character. Now, to see once and for all on who really is the better character, the number of skills, moves and techniques shell be pointed out on our two most favourite Sonic people, from the games, to the shows, film and the comics even. they may have some of the same thing, but most of them would be different. All the types of their skills, moves and techniques from Wikia.com. So let’s get going and start with the skills.


Sonic the hedgehog’s skills:


Super speed


enhanced durability


extreme acrobatic skills and abilities


enhanced strength


limited flight


enhanced jump


enhanced stamina


molecules acceleration


hand-to-hand combat skills


indomitable will


break dancing skills


world class extreme gear rider


driving skills




piloting skills




chaos powers


harnessing chaos energy (Hyper mode initiation, Super transformation and hyper Sonic transformation)


darkspine Sonic transformation


werehog transformation (formerly)


excalibur Sonic transformation


hyper go on Transformation.


Tails Miles prower the two tailed fox’s skills:






hand to hand combat skills


enhanced aerobatic skills


genis level intellect


skilled mechanic and inventer


expect air pilot and aerial fighter


experienced swimmer


excellent driving skills




harnessing chaos energy (hyper mode initiation, super transformation and hyper go on usage.)


You’ll see the results on who has the most skills soon, but right now, over to their techniques.


Sonic the hedgehog’s techniques:


Acceleration up level 2


air boost (Sonic boost


air boost (Sonic rivals)


attack support 6


axe kick


air ride


air slide


blast attack


blue bomber (requires Tails)


boost mode


blue tornado


bounce attack


change jump


chao attack


chaos control


colour power (black bomb, blue cube, crimson eagle, cyan laser, final colour blaster, green hover, fray quake, indigo asteroid, ivory magenta rhythm, orange rocket, pink spicks, purple frenzy, red burst, violet void, yellow drill)


copter combo (requires Tails)




custom actions (gun drive, homing smash, mach speed, scale, slow, thunder guard, tornado)


tornato boost




double jump


energy field (requires Elise)


fastball (requires amy)


fire sliding


fire somersault


flying kick


flying spin attack


focused homing attack


foot sweep


gravity control


gravity dive


grind step




hail storm (requires Tails, Knuckles and Amy)


hammer attack


here I come


homing attack


homing dash


hop jump


humming top




jump dash


kick (Sonic colors)


kick (Sonic héros)


kick dash


light speed dash


light speed attack


Lock on


magi hands


mid-air attack actions


packour (slide step, vault dash, wall climb, wall jump, wall run)




quick step


rocket accel (requires Tails and Knuckles0


rolling combo (requires Tails)


skid attack






slide turn




somersault kick


sonic boom


sonic boost


sonic cracker


sonic eagle


sonic flare


sonic guard


sonic jump


sonic kick


sonic meteor


sonic overdrive (requires Tails and Knuckles)


sonic punch


sonic rocket


sonic run


sonic storm


sonic style


Sonic the hedgehog”s soul surge


sonic up draft


sonic wave


sonic wind


soul gauge


speed boost


speed break


speed up


spin attack


spin charge


spin dash


spin jump


sponge jump




strength support 8


stronger spin dash


submarine combo (requires Tails)


super skid


super peel out


tag action


time break


time stop


top kick




triangle jump


trick action


triple tornado (requires Tails and Knuckles)


wall climb


wall jump


wall shuffle






Tails Miles prower the two tailed fox’s moves and techniques:


dummy ring snipe


electric plug


electric plug swing


flash bang


flying spin attack




gravity control


gravity drive


grind step


hammer attack


hammer propeller flying


high propeller flying


homing attack


jump dash




mid-air trick action


power electric plug


propeller flying


quick ascent


repaid tails attack


rolling combo (requires Sonic)




shield bot


sonic overdrive (requires Sonic and Knuckles)


tag action


tail copter


tail spin attack


tails run


tails hop


tails jump


tails fly


tails guard


tails heal


IQ 200 attack


IQ 300 attack


IQ 400 attack


magie hook


magic upper


tails cyclone




tails duck


energy ball


air e. ball




chu bomb


tails style


tail swipe


thunder shoot




tornado attack


tornado boost


Sonic and Tail’s skills (super forms included)









Sonic and Tail’s moves and techniques (colour aliens and actions included)









WOW! Can you believe that? Sonic has got both more skills, moves and techniques then Tails. So it’s Sonic that’s better than Tails, which means Sonic deserves to be the main character.







But hey, both can take on knuckles and Eggman. Rather they do it solo or in a team. To those that are true fans of Tails, I’m sorry, but Sonic the hedgehog’s better cause he has more skills, moves and techniques than tails does. Sure Tails is better than Sonic when it comes to brains, friendship, driving and tech, but Sonic's better than Tails when it comes to bring selfless, heroism, brotherhood, ability and speed. It’s a fact. And feather more, Sonic can run on water and cut through ground and rock with his quills. Also Sonic can use chaos control to change reality and Tails can’t.


Sure Tails has been loyal to Sonic in the 16 bit games, but Sonic's been more supportive of Tails in the 64 bit games, shows and comics and rescues tails every now and then. Now name one time Tails did that for Sonic, a few times on Sonic x maybe, but Sonic rescued Tails more. And yes Tails can fly which helps Sonic get to high places and swim while Sonic can’t, but Sonic has the upper hand when it comes to speed for slowing time and going through or underground for getting to places faster in spinning, even though he’s not the one who created the spin dash. Tails has to relay on technology in saving Mobius while Sonic doesn’t need it usually. And on top of that, Sonic can run on walls, but Tails couldn'tand have to use his tails to fly up walls cause he's not fast enough, has shown on Sonic 3. Good thing he still has tails to fly though. 


To those that are true fans of Sonic, you guys are way pass cool. And so are the true fans of Tails. And Tails, he can survive without rings and drive better than Sonic can. I give him that.


Tails is nice, but Sonic is selfless and resourceful and Sonic’s able to use the power of the rings and Tails has no ability to. That’s why the rings are for Sonic in the games, shows and comics.


If you still don’t believe me, here are the webpage addresses for Sonic and Tails from wikia.com.Click on the links and read out both their skills, moves and techniques for yourself.


And hey, while foxes can devolve smaller living things like hedgehogs if they didn’t defend themselves, hedgehogs can curl into a spiky ball. Not cause they’re scared, but to defend themselves. And if a fox tries to attack a hedgehog, the hedgehog would win by curling into a ball, making the fox get a taste of the sharp spines. Hedgehog wins, no contest. I seen it on a video once.






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