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BOB Recap: You bite the bullet and the bullet bites back


Once in a while a game takes conventional trends and tilts them just far enough on their heads that you wonder why anything had to change. Much like how Five Guys did not re-make the hamburger or French fries. They simply went back to basics and took what worked: Real Meat, large fries and the community joined in the celebration. As many larger corporations have done formulation to change the base product from Big Mac into a Soy Mac.

The FPS genre has "evolved" and changed as time has gone by. But not too many titles revisit the foundation in which it was made popular by. So when a game goes back to the basics and finds a new and interesting spin on it but still respecting the title before it.

If you love old FPS game, do yourself a favor and play GunGodz. ( Free download link here)

GunGodz is a really interesting clone of Wolfinstine, in such a way that the game is one of the best love letters to the FPS genre in 1990s. There have been several improvements with Gungodz: There is no run button; your character is always running. Aiming actually takes into account to where you are pointing instead of auto locking. There are plenty of modern additions to the genre in this title.

But what makes Gungodz so great is that they force you to become a better player. No control options so you will always have over sensitive controls and it has sections where combat feels much more like a puzzle than shooting. Which only makes the puzzle extra levels that much better as they teach you more about your enemies, and best yet the best way to use your guns.

Yes, the shot gun still powns.

The pistol is great for killing smaller units, but it also stuns enemies.
The shotgun is 100% instant kill at close range but it fire rate can be slow and is not the best at long range.
The chain-gun is like the pistol but uses ammo much faster.
The Rocket Launcher is great long range, but has splash damage that can kill you.

But you are thrust into 4 different worlds where you are timed for completion, kills, secretes and finishing.

I really had no clue if I would beat this game, the last time I tried I never got past the sewer level only to get frustrated and quit. That said I really enjoyed beating the game cause it really forced me to become much more accurate with shots and breaking down how to go through areas. Like Doom you have infinite lives but you have to figure out how to make it to the end of the level.


Soon enough I had my twitch skills back and I was doing really well and I became one of the GunGodz.

Btw there is no recap for this month as there were no posts; I don't blame people as I spent most of it playing MGSV.

Instead enjoy this educational video:

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