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A Spooktacular October!


Summer was wonderful. Like bees basking in the pollen of a beautiful flower, immersed in golden sunlight kind of wonderful. Every day consisted of waking up, skateboarding, partying, and falling asleep to close off another perfect day before the start of the next. (Not really of course!)

But summer is dead. It died in an awful fire and it got really bloody too, yeah! How perfect is it that the Fall, where everything begins to die, starts us with a lead up to Halloween? It's damn near planned perfect, there's probably history or some shit to this I don't know. Halloween represents everything that is dark and evil and scary and it rules, it has always ruled. Recently though I haven't been actually partying much for Halloween, though it isn't too late for that to change, but I have taken it upon myself to do a little something for Halloween. Namely, play some scary games and/or watch some scary movies. So I figure why not go all out this year and dedicate October to Horror games? Yeah 'why not' exactly, I'm doing it.

Every week I will play and (at least try to) beat a brand new horror game. 'Brand New' as in for me. None of the games below have I played, save for the very first one which is a very personal and dear choice/exception for this horror excursion. I will start with a full playthrough of Lone Survivor, my absolute favorite horror game and what I owe my interest in the genre, for the most part. The following week I will pick a game I haven't played through. By the end of the week I will post a cblog wrapping up with details of my experience, any relevant links and a little ender looking forward to the next game. Oh and I will try to stream them as I play, where applicable.

The last week of October is left blank for now as I'm out of horror games. I could do Silent Hill 2 but that would mean playing the HD version and I've been told not to. Also that game is kind of long. We'll see, I think it is fair to expect that some horror games will go on sale in honor of Halloween and I could just pick those up. Or maybe a new one will come out, but don't expect SOMA or anything as I don't have the bank for full price right now.

As has been stated several times by me in cblogs or on podcasts here, I'm a horror pussy when it comes to horror games and movies. So mind you these might not be the scariest games to some people (quite possibly you too) but to me these are basically the exorcist in 1973 in terms of how scary they are.

List of Scary Games/Schedule

Week 1 - Lone Survivor: Director's Cut (Replay & Stream)

Week 2 - Slender: The Arrival (w/Stream)

Week 3 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Week 4 - Five Nights at Freddy's (w/Stream)

Week 5 - Alien: Isolation (w/Stream)

For any streams, you can find me on twitch here: twitch.tv/nanashi707 I will try to stream later, generally around 8pm EDT And on weekends maybe a bit later. Hope to see you see me scream!

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