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Friday Night Fights: Saying Goodbye to Roger Edition


Seeing as how I just upped a blog, did a recap only a few days prior AND recorded a podcast (which went hlariously bad btw) I am plum out of things to write about. Sure I could talk to you about the UN as that's in the news and for some god-forsaken reason relevant to video games, or which of the radio stations in Grand Theft Auto tickle my fancy the most. But I wouldn't want to waste your time.

THEN AGAIN. The answer is all of the above. Every GTA radio station kicks ass, even some of the annoying California ones in GTA V, bleh. Okay okay fine I'll pick one. Right now I'm really feeling Liberty City Hardcore from GTA IV. Good east coast hardcore punk in the original game that got turned into a brutal metal station for the EFLC expansion pack, DJ'd by the front man of Sepultura who puts on this particularly metal sounding voice throughout. It does feel a bit hammed up but maybe he's foreign or something or I could just pretend. That makes it better.

Stay metal everyone, and go host some games I'd love to play with y'all this coming weekend!

P.S. No, Roger isn't going anywhere. He's gonna be okay!

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