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Friday Night Fights: Not Quite There Edition



Well, I feel pretty awful so I'll keep this relatively brief. SOMA is out and it begins what will be the beginning of the gaming season for me. It's been a slow crawl for me these last few months but we'll all soon be awash in new and exciting things to put in our backlog while we're all off playing Fallout 4 and Calladoots. There's even a couple Vita titles I'm excited to play.

It seems like I've been waiting forever for Frictional Games to put out a console title. The resurgence in horror games, for which Amnesia is largely responsible, has so far been mainly on PC. I'm honestly a little surprised that there's never been at least a port of their previous games. Nevertheless, I'm grateful we're getting SOMA at all and reviews seem to paint it as exactly the game I wanted it to be. We need people like Frictional to set the bar every so often so that other companies can try to rise to what they're doing. Outlast was a good example of people picking up the baton and running with it.

It's going to be really interesting over the next couple years to see the kind of effect games like Five Nights At Freddy's and PT have on the horror landscape. There's already been a bunch of FNaF rip-off's and games like Allison Road are blatantly aping the brief taste of glory that was PT, but it's going to be some time yet before we really see how things all shake out.

As much fun as I had with Alien: Isolation, it felt more like an experiment than a fully fleshed out idea. I'd really be interested in seeing where Creative Assembly went from here but, at least last I heard, SEGA considered it a failed experiment, sales-wise. Sadly, Until Dawn, a schlock-y, fun slasher movie romp, seems like it was left out to die as well. It's a solid game but you could just as easily watch PewDiePie do a full playthrough than plop down the $60 yourself. CAPCOM is reliving past glories with Resident Evil remakes and we know the fiery heap that became of the Silent Hill franchise. Twenty bucks for a few hours of tension and creeping around (or, alternately, a jump scare machine) seems like the new normal. And I'm kind of okay with that.

In the meantime, we have games to play. I'm nearly ready to start over at my first level of infamy in Payday 2, so if you were thinking of picking it up, now would be a good time. In other new release news, please be share to leave a comment and share your Mario Maker levels. If we get enough, we'll collect them for a Dtoid-specific Mario Maker blog to promote them. Also, we still have willing participants for Rocket League but Nanners is taking a break so be sure to throw your hat in and host! See you out there!
-The Defenestrator

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