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Why some CS GO players spend £100's on cosmetics


Why would CS GO players spend hundreds, sometimes thousands on cosmetic gun skins? By Failsafe

I play a ton of CS GO and have been known to blindly ignore huge flaws within the game. So my opinion my be swayed by my beloved franchise

Im sure most of you have seen these at some point on their voyage through the baron wasteland known as steam, but for those who don't know, knives in CS GO knives are cosmetic items that make most question the term "microtransaction" Try £50-£1200. In some cases even more!
At this point I guarantee some of those reading have shouted "It's not even real" or "what a waste of money" First of all stop shouting at your monitor, secondly technically yes you are right, but just let me explain the reasonings some people use to justify forking out for these Not-So-Microtransactions.

The main reasons people own knives
First off is something I like to call "The certified G Paradigm" (I apologise for the technical term) These are the people that have a ton of money and like to show it off, primarily streamers and rich saudi princes. Its a sign of wealth, think of it like wrapping a car or dying your hair its a fashion statement.
Second off are a group of people known as "traders" or as I like to call them "trophy hunters". "Traders" spend hours and hours in forums badgering people for a crisp 3p profit over and over again, to these group of people the knife is a goal, something to strive for, a justification for all that hard work, a trophy for all that smooth talking and all those sad, sad puppy eyes.

How I justify the spend personally.

One of my personal friends is an avid weapon collecter (real weapons) and one time we were playing CS GO and I asked him the roaring question "can I lick your toes?" to which he said no, after a couple minutes of awkward silence later I asked him another question "what do you think of the knives in CS GO" to which he replied "Its pointless, I could buy a real one for the same price" Although I dsagree with the first part, the second part is true, for example the cheapest butterfly knife I could find IRL Is the same price as the cheapest butterfly knife In CS GO. But my reason for disagreeing with the fact that they are "pointless" Is the fact that I dont have a use for a real knife, but I play this game A LOT meaning I could get possibly 200 maybe 300 hours or more out of 1 cosmetic item.

Why do they cost so much?
Unlike every other topic this question has a legitimate answer, the only way knives come into existance are from opening something called "crates" which can be earned by playing the game or bought from the steam market for about 10p at the most. When you have a crate you have to buy a "key" which is £1.69 this will open the case and grants you a random weapon which all have their own values, the rarest thing you can get in these cases are knives which come at about a 0.5% drop rate meaning you would have to open around 200 cases for a knife. 200x£1.69=£338, if you spend £338 on anything selling it for a couple quid is probably out of the question.

Thank You
If you made it this far thank you for reading sorry if its poor quality I've never done anything like this before, but be sure let me know what you think :)


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