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Purrrfect Impurrrfections


Tell me you don't want to just smother that....


When it comes to gaming, society has really raised that bar in terms of expectations. Think about it - what kinds of things are we typically looking for when it comes to popular games; we want a good story, we want good graphics, we want tight gameplay, we want easy controls, we want multiplayer, we want chocolate cake (yes please). Seriously, we are constantly searching for the perfect game, the game that will show up all other games and make us feel complete. Well...does such a game exist?


Seriously, can I just have a little bit of cake?

Perfection is something that in it's truest form, is unatainable. However, like many concepts in life, perfection is also subjective in that our own personal views of 'perfection' will likely vary from person to person and place to place (Acchi Kocchi, adorable anime btw). In our ongoing lust for the perfect video game, sometimes it's nice to stop and think back on all the little things that have gotten us to this point in gaming to begin with - the perfect imperfections. Yes, we definitely have higher standards in gaming right here and now, and technology plays a big part in that too, but we the 'gamers' have helped to sculpt and shape these expectations by raising up our voices and calling out the flaws (some of them) along the way. Honestly? I really appreciate some of the flawed aspects of the gaming world because they keep things interesting. Nobody ever wants to deal with controversy, but at the same time it's that clash of opinions that propels us forward and keeps publishers and developers alike on their toes - EVERYBODY WINS!


Lol those sad alien eyes


There have been numerous games that went well south of the radar in terms of meeting the gaming worlds expectations. I'm sure that any of us could sit down and have a great heart to heart talk with Randy Pitchford of Gearbox about that (forget about the blatant downplay of woman in Duke Nukem Forever...turd throwing is awesome). Nothing last forever though, and as our expectations rise so do our demands. There was a time when we referred to games such as Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 as a perfect game; it had tight multiplayer, it controlled well, and it was a fps that went well beyond any other shooter at it's time. Personally, I still think Goldeneye is a great game, but Rare went on to double up the 'imperfections' of Goldeneye by creating Perfect Dark (which many consider to be superior in every way). We take the perfect imperfections of everything we love and push forward to capitalize on them.


The sad thing is, we are never truly satisfied. Our lust for MOAR always keeps us on our toes. Another recent example of capitalizing on perfect imperfections can be seen in Kojima's MGSV: The Phantom Pain. It's no secret by now, although I guess I can throw out a *spoiler* flag, that MGSV plays a lot like MGS: Peace Walker. It's become quite apparent that Kojima really favored that style of gameplay and wanted to expand on that with his last title in the series. While Peace Walker is a very fun and interesting game, it had many 'perfect imperfections' that Kojima capitalized on in developing MGSV. I do have other fun opinions on Metal Gear Solid V, but those can wait for another blog :3


I don't think I understood any of that


I really like playing all kinds of games, and I don't really mind finding flaws. I'm the kind of person who really appreciates imperfection in gaming because it's by finding those oddities that we sculpt and curb our own personal expectations. Now don't get me wrong...I hate glitching and falling through the map as much as anyone else does...like a lot...but at the same time, nothing out there is truly 'perfect'. I'm sure there is somebody out there who REALLY loves to play ET for the Atari. There are probably a few out there who really like Duke Nukem Forever. There are THOUSANDS out there who continue to play Call of Duty and Destiny *wink wink* but that's fine! Everyone has their own taste in gaming and their own style that they shoot for. Challenge for the week? Why not pick up an older game, or a game that has been negatively reviewed and see what kind of imperfections in it you can find that make it 'perfect'. Sometimes, it's those imperfections that make those games stand out the most. 



So guys, what kind of games have you played that feature some AWESOME perfect imperfections?

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