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MGS V: TPP Sequel


MGS V: The pantom pain being released exactly only two weeks ago has been climbing the ranks rapidly with great reviews from fans, gaming websites such as IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot and many others. The game has an amazing gameplay that has captivated the audience of the gaming community, and fans of the Metal Gear Series. Now onto the most important part which is the..... Story. Hideo Kojima delivered an master piece in this game; however as many players like myself soon discovered that the plot of the game was missing a crucial link, the part we the gamers and fans of nearly two decades see Big Boss’s encounter his son Solid Snake. How did he recruit the bosses from the Orignal Metal gear released in 1987 that Snake had to fight? How did he get Gray Fox to join his unit and why did he played a double agent? I am confident this new game will provide the fans of the series, and new ones a story line with incredible game play. Seeing a young sniper wolf, a young solid snake, Ocelot, Kaz miller all coming together in the events that launched one of the greatest gaming series. I know this is a long shot but I’ve started a petition and hopefully this can be made, I will even help in the development if possible. Hideo Kojima listens to the fans of his series. If it’s not too much to ask kindly sign the following petition, share with friends and fans of the series and hope

we are not kept waiting for too long.

- Fox One.


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