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A Convoluted Analysis for a Convoluted Series.


This is going to be a little unpolished, but bear with me, I want to get it down while I have it in my head.

I want to talk about Quiet. I know it's been a hot topic for people and seems to just cause fights but, as I sit here I have been musing to myself about her and her relationship with the player. Not any specific player but all of us, the conversation about her as a whole. I've spent a considerable amount of time with her over the last two weeks and I've talked about her a lot with a number of dtoiders as well as read many other people's conversations about her. A lot of this before I realized you could hold R1 in the helicopter with your idroid closed and get a show. But I realized something....

I had to do it. I had to gawk. Me. The player. Not Snake. No one on MB bats an eye at her appearance. And she behaves differently when she knows you're looking. That's you looking though. You. Knowing that she has no choice but to dress that way. Whatever the reasoning is, doesn't matter if you like it. She looks the way she looks and we treat her different because of it. Fault her for it. Say she could be "better" if she were different. I think that's a shame.

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