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Friday Night Fights - 09/18/15 - Dream it, build it, host it


Friday Night Fights means playing together somehow, whether it's competitive head-to-head or co-operative efforts. But I recently got myself Super Mario Maker, the Wii U's dark horse of a Mario game. It isn't a new Mario game, and yet people will go forth and do what Mario is best known for: balls-crushingly hard platforming.

Facebook had it right all along. Sometimes multiplayer doesn't have to be synchronized gameplay. Asynchronized multiplayer gaming has its own charm. I recently gave CJ's "bouttogetgayinhere" stages a go and it's impressive how a stage's personality shines through the pieces that millions of other people have access to. I also gave Tysonoftime's stages a shot.

Give Piranha Plant Pandemonium a try! B10F-0000-0035-74FB. Plus all the other stages I've been working on. Share them in the comments, host a game, and get into a fight. That's the Friday Night Fight way!


If you want to schedule an event (FNF, Weekend Warriors, Twitchtoid), just leave a comment like so:

Game (Console)
Time (Eastern Standard, please)
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If you don't feel like waiting around, you can schedule a Twitchtoid session or find fellow Dtoiders for a game whenever you like. Feel free to make use of the snazzy new Quick Posts to put out a call immediately.

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (PS4)
11:30 PM EST
Host: The Defenestrator
PSN ID: ThDefenestrator








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