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My Issue with Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain


Ok, spoiler alert regarding Mission 12 in MGSV.

The fight with the Metal Gear is BULLSHIT. The entire game you are encouraged to scout out, study, and imitate your enemy. They have their job, stand out and have a smoke, laugh with their buds while you lay out 100 meters back and figure out if any of them are worth the trouble kidnaping.

Then THIS MOTHER FUCKER RIGHT HERE falls out from FUCKING SPACE and you're powerless against it. Bombard in some smoke? Shit only goes as hi...gh as his left ankle. Missle strike from Mother Base? "Did a fly just run into me?"

But my biggest issue... Is the AI Pathing. While all other enemies have their set patterns and responses, his is ONLY to hunt and kill you. It doesn't matter if he didn't see you, the AI (artificial intelligence for you plebs) will bring him RIGHT TO YOU every time.

So yeah, I'm a little salty right now. AND FUCK YOU MILLER I DONT SEE YOUR GIMPY ASS OUT HERE RUNNING FROM FUCKING PACIFIC RIM!!! Driving out of the hot zone WITH your escort is a LEGIT way to deal with the issue.

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