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Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem AKA Marketing Nightmare


I was influenced to write because of the new SMT X FE crossover game or as its now simply known as Genei Ibun Roku #FE where I wrote this comment:

And right after I've gotten many different reception to this comment like:

It was really interesting the huge amount of responses I got coming to the games defense while dismissing fans for dissapointed in a game they were never promised in the first game and that got me thinking, whos really at fault here? Was the whole thing a huge misunderstanding? I feel that theres something deeper to the whole problem so im just going to dive right in.

The "Fans":

One of the first reponses I got was the completely dismisal of the existance of disappointed fans so lets get this whole thing straight. Yes there are fans who are dissapointed in what they revealed its not that hard to find, check every forum and reddit thread and i'll gurantee that there are people didn't like what they saw. Heck my friend who is a huge fan of FE awakening as well as Persona 3&4 posted this to me when it was first revelaed: 

Now that we established that these fans do exist why some people didnt like what they saw?

The Marketing:

At was over 2 years ago when Nintendo first revealed the teaser for this game:


Naturally fans were hyped about the games, a game that combines both beloved jrpg franchises as well as their characters? That's great what could possible go wrong. Then silence followed; no word, images or trailers to be seen, just the constant reminder that the game was definetely coming out. When it finally showed us what it was the reception was definitely huge for better or worse. Some like me were kind of dissapointed that wasn't a true cross over but rather a SMT spinoff with FE cameos but others said we only had ourselves to blame. The main consensus was that the teaser didnt promise anything, it didnt have any tone or gameplay at all so fans made up something that didn't exist to begin with.

Hmmm what this scenario is sounding more and more familiar by the minute....

Remember when Rare announced a new Banjo Kazooie game?


The CGI teaser was also short and they didn't announced what kind of game it was going to be but speculation was that it was Banjo Threeie. The end product also turned out to be a spinoff that had little similarities with its predecessor and naturally fans got really mad despite the games quality.

Why are we still criticizing Microsoft to this day but Atlus gets off free? They too had a teaser specifically showing characters from the mainline SMT & FE games followed by the words "crossover", are people really considered stupid and immature for putting 2 and 2 together to get 4 when the actual answer turns out  to be 74? The game could be great but it should have been originally advertised as pop idol JRPG and there wouldn't be any fan outrage to begin with.

 One could raise the point that unlike Rare, Atlus always intended to create a game in this vision, its not as if they had a actual cross over game plan which they later scraped out right?



Scraped out vision:

It seems more and more apparent that such a game actually existed in some form; rumors were circulating that Atlus and Intelligent System had a conflict of interest and couldn't work out how to work together and what ended up happening was Atlus completely taking over the whole project. It's not that hard to see when the finished projected likes simply like another SMT spinoff with FE cameos and it would definetely explain why they had to delay the game and not share any information on the game of 2 years. This lead to them shooting themselves in the foot when they had to announced that this game actually wasn't a cross over and that it was intended for a "different audience"


I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was dissapointed. I hate feeling so cynical about a game that hasn't launched and I hate that I'm not giving it a chance but I was one of the fans who wanted a game that was originally promised as a true crossover and I ended up feeling betrayed. I don't know what the future of this game is going to have when it had marketing that still confuses people to this day, created from 2 relatively niche franchise and is ending up a console with a significantly low install base. I could be wrong I guess, there are people who love anime, idols and lasers who would be attracted to this game but I know there are people like me who wanted a hardcore, dark medieval JRPG and will not be getting this game.

- For the last time, I'm not an attorney!

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