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I should have never looked back


Last year I had to give up on League of Legends, it was a fun game while it lasted but in the last two seasons I played the game simply was being tailored in way that was hurting item diversity in order to try to help character diversity. But in many ways the changes simply made sure that the most compatible characters with many types of roles always had an advantage above characters that only had one certain build.

Mainly due to Riot “fixing” the Meta.

I was dumb as last week I remembered that Teemo and Urgot were a lot of fun to play. And I decided it would not hurt to load it up and play a couple matches, just for fun.

I probably played League of Legends too much in my life. Probably the #1 reason why I could not get any jobs after College, as I was focusing too hard on trying to be good at a game that for a person with severe sleep apnea case would simply not be able to compete on the same level as other people.

But When I look at the game, its not that it is terribly flawed. The game really goes in some weird Phases that do not help the enjoyment of the characters in it. (Or it simply makes everything too complicated for its own good)

1) Farm
2) Buy

First of all I really think all the champions from League are pretty cool and unique, but at the same time I see Riot always having to do something to make them all the same due to item builds. I totally understand the early Meta of the game, it is simply a game of seeing who can farm the best and deny the other team gold, XP, and buffs.

Gold is such a hard item in this game as it is only provided through killing creeps, champions, passive generation, and masteries. So naturally the game tends to favor the team that does well in the farm stage, as they are able to buy all the items that allow them to deal more damage or have that extra advantage over their enemies.

In theory this system works well, and in many ways it is a step up from the original DOTA format of the gold system. But it can be oppressive and somewhat unintuitive for gameplay, as champions really do not gain much skill from the killing of minions. It is more or less just a grind tactic that is rewarding for the good players, and less rewarding for lesser players.

I think what is another thing that really takes away from League of Legends is items or the buy phase.

As a long time player I do see the advantages of going for different styles of layouts for characters to play different roles, however again this plays into a poor position of allowing certain champions succeed as being all-rounded instead of narrowly being focused into a specific role.

While items can be fun, they really take away the abilities of the champions and make the game less and less about their unique traits and just on which items you can stack on generic skills.


Which would not be bad in itself but that there are a few champions who can use several different combination of these items to do pretty much any position.


And some champions that have been deemed just a: Support, ADC, TOP, MID, or Jungler that cannot do any other role as well as the all round characters can.

So if anything I have learned from my two-hour excursion (Which is how long it takes to que, pick, and play two games online) Is that as casual Heroes of the Storm is, it is the much better game of the two.

By removing gold and items from the game:


Hero skills are highlighted more, and much easier to balance than having to do guess work on item builds and the theoretical amount of gold champions will have.

Because the more I played League of Legend the only thing I ever found attractive was using the unique skills and abilities of each champion. Which there is usually 20 minutes of greatness in there, but with the entire grind in the way it just really kills the pacing of the game.

Where is in Heroes of the Storm all I have to do is focus on abilities and arrangement. Which I think it is much more geared for people that cannot keep up with pro style macro.

Though I know Heroes of the Storm is not perfect, it really proves that there is a lot more refinement that needs to be happening in the land of MOBAs.

Sorry I know this has nothing to do with anythign but wouldn't it be perfect if we could get a Digimon X Persona game?

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