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This isn't Goodbye at all this is life kicking in, an activity update!


As some of you know, I do a bit of community stuff around the site. Over the last two years or so I've really tried to squeeze as much in as possible just because I really always enjoyed these things and would love to keep them going for more dtoiders to enjoy/take over in the future. But just like trying to get into those leather tights from your high school prom (your high school prom was weird bro) I've kind of hit the limit of how much weight I'll hold. So I had to stop taking on more tasks. That was why I didn't become a Disqus Deputy and a few other things. There is just too much of my time going into this site when I am at a crucial point of my life in need of some responsibility and hard work.

So I need to take it down a notch. Not overnight, not even to leave for some time. But the next three months are going to make or break me/my future so I need to hustle and get all of that stuff taken care of, double time. That being said I have some commitments here I'm not going to give up, and so my presence isn't going to vanish like so many others I just need to take more time to get work done as opposed to doing community stuff here because it's been eating all of that valuable time.

Thus here are the changes I will be implementing.

-Even less forum presence. After the rough transition from the Destructoid forums to Outer Heaven I've been pretty inactive over at the OHF but now I'll probably just completely stop checking as I don't have the time anymore.

-Less cblogging. Which isn't saying much because I wasn't doing it too often anyway (though I was trying to have that turn around). However I will be paying attention to those monthly's and continue my "get them done if they apply to me" for example Meddling Kids gives me another good opportunity to write about a game I just started playing!

-0 checking the site in general. I usually search through the latest articles and then blogs just because I do like to be caught up on what all of you are doing but that's going to have to take a minute break. That time when I wake up is now going to be dedicated to applications, forms and revising.

Stuff outside of Dtoid: Less gaming overall, less skateboarding (wah!) and less every other kind of distraction imaginable.

Stuff that I will keep doing aka community Responsibilities:

-Posting FNF. It's probably only going to happen twice in the period I'm talking about anyway. I might not host anymore but rather wait to see what everyone else is hosting that night and join accordingly. It is just to make sure I don't waste a Friday night when I could be doing work.

-Recaps. One recap blog on one friday a week is not too much to ask for and will serve as my main communication with the community/so that I don't completely die off from all of your memories. Look out for those! Oh and that includes podgams/monthlys as they're pretty quick to do/only take time once per month.

-PStoid I will continue to host and edit them and publish the episodes. Though I'd imagine I have less to talk about as I'll be playing less and less games!

So there will still be plenty of chances to see me here if you so desire.

I hate to write this kind of blog and wouldn't have but it really does serve as a good kick in the ass that will hopefully get me to actually make something of myself! I also feel bad because now through December is a really good time for gaming and talking about them and talking about them with cool people but this needs to be done.

At the end of this the good news is that three months of me not being around here as much the point thereafter will be smooth sailing as it will be months on waiting back on any word and then a year till I have to get my ass to work again and disappear. So it'll be back to now, doing everything I can to participate in this here community. It will be a golden time.

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