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The War on Boobs


One of the claimed points of social justice and feminism is that a woman should not be shamed for how she looks, how she dresses, so on and so forth. Its been one of their major talking points for the past 20 years or so. In fact, they go so far as to say that a group of women running around topless, with 'Slut" scrawled across their stomach should be perfectly acceptable behavior.... And I totally agree with that. Don't judge what other people do with their body and their life as long as it doesn't ACTIVELY harm you, microaggresions don't count, tumblrettes. So why lately are we saying what women can and can not be in video games? We is this man actively campaigning to have attractive, modest and large breasted women removed from games? Surely this is exclusionary and alienating for women who are that body type or close to it, is it not? Why can he, as a man, have his body type represented by characters like E. Honda and The Covetous Demon but a developed woman can't have herself represented by Tina Armstrong or R. Mika?

I believe thinking like this comes from a view that gaming is a zero sum system. In other words, there's no room for "realistic" representations of women because there's so many super models trotting about. So one has to make room by forcing out exhisting characters and body types. Obviously, that's silly, because its an infinite medium; more games can always be made as long as human civilization as we know it lasts. But, if more games had normal looking people, they'd be more inclusive right? But here's the problem, "normal" people, those of us who are average people, work our 40hrs a week and, maybe, have time to squeeze in 30minutes at the gym every couple days (which already puts your fitness level above average) CANT DO THIS.


Before I go on, I want people take real close note of the language in Adams statement because some may look at his statement for more even representation. He's not calling for more diversity or less 'bimbos', he wants what he considers a 'bimbo' GONE. And he wants them gone with no concern for what people actually want to see or consume. He shows utter disregard, even disdain for creative freedom in an artistic medium. He applauds that film and TV would be afraid to use the, admittedly racist, portrayls  of african americans from the 60s and 70s. Repressing expression and creativity to fit HIS idea of what should and should not be through fear of reprisal. You are not ALLOWED to make things that a certain group finds offensive. Is this the direction that we want gaming to take?

So you may be asking, "Who the hell is Ernest W. Adams and why should anyone care what this old white guy says? I am an avid SJW and I KNOW that everything a straight white man says is just oppressive, racist, misogynistic garbage! Of course he wants women out of gaming, he hates women!" Well, Ernest W. Adams is the founder of the social justice-minded IGDA and personal mentor to the current head of the IGDA Kate Edwards.  The IGDA, for those not familiar, is the Independent Game Developers Association, it is the largest indie game developer professional organization in the world. The "organization" itself is highly ideologically driven creating social media blacklists and blocklists, conding the harassment, doxxing, and so on of individuals who's beliefs conflict with theirs, and financially backing known internet bullies like Randi Harper through Patreon or through direct sponsorship. This is the environment that indie developers have to work in if they're going to have networking opportunities. 

So my question for the day is, "What kind of women are acceptable to have in gaming?" If your answer is anything except "All of them, all body types should have the possibility to be represented. The developer should be able to make what they please and I as the consumer can choose to buy or not buy what I want," I ask that you explain.

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