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Destiny, The Taken Dreams


For everyone who is a Destiny fan like myself, the new DLC The Taken King is about to hit us on the 15th, and i want to know your hopes and dreams of this latest installment. From Previous experience within Destiny im hoping they make the game more replayable for more of the hardcore gamers and farmers within the community (id class myself) since the major issue, for me personally is that Destiny in itself could of been something great. It could of evolutionised a similar game called Warframe which is a very similar concept of what Destiny is, Personally i was hoping Bungie would push the game into a new era of Co-op FPS.

So lets get down into the game itself, a 4 player Co-op mission driven game, where players complete missions, bountys, strikes and Dungeons to gain loot to increase in level and power. As MMO's have there own loot system levels, for exmaple in World of Warcraft, a weapon with a White name is common but a weapon with Golden writing is Epic, the same applies here in Destiny. 

Now lets grab the main point this blog is aimed at, the DLC. The first two DLC's was in most views, not worth the money bungie gave out at, for $40/£40 you got 2 DLCs from the Season Pass, where compared to a game such as Call of Duty, you would unlock 4 DLCs. Now the 3rd installment is flatout £30. My issue is with this is that the 1st and 2nd DLC's wasnt big at all, from many players who was level 30, completing the Crota DLC took about 2/3 weeks which may sound long! However it wasn't, in one go you could unlock enough armour to push you to level 31, and strong weapons. By the 2nd week you could of had the weapons required, which was the Black Hammer and the Word of Crota, these two weapons was the top tier weapons of this DLC. The missions prior to these was short and took about 2 hours to complete.

Now the 2nd DLC House of Wolves seem to be something promising, introducing a new game mode which was more of a horde base game mode where players are Required to complete the waves to finish the mission. This COULD of been an amazing addition to the game however, the major flaw in this was the Level 33/34/35 versions was SET waves, meaning you would fight the same bosses the same wave style each week. If they kept the Level 28 forumla where everything was Random this would of made more exciting. If I had to grind level 33 Prison of Elders, with a random encounter everytime i wouldnt of minded but fighting the same boss, everytime, for every week became a chore it wasnt exciting it wasnt mind blowing. Again the missions was short and completed pretty quickly, one additional factor they added a new PvP gamemode which was suited for more competitive levels which i liked, it was refreshing and added something to the game which wasn't in previously and the community wanted it.

Now lets get to the latest installment, The Taken King. This DLC seems to be massive, releasing 1 new sub class for each of the classes. Brand new XP and leveling system, a complete deconstruction of the Light system previously involved. New weapons, Swords becoming wieldable, New missions and dungeon, But is this going to enough ? 

I hope so, because this DLC for me can make or break Destiny's future within the community, the cost of £30 for a single DLC is basically your buying a total new game, so the expectation is high and with this it sets a standard. If bungie fail here with this DLC, the future "Destiny 2" will not be tolerated and the community will leave because personally I feel cheated out how much money the DLC's have cost yet how little content they released out. I could make more comparisons however lets not. Lets save that for another day.

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