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Game Series I'm Glad Exist but Don't Play or Watch


No Touchy

Don't Look, and Don't Touch

After taking a look at a large amount of comments (as many as my attention span could muster) I decided it was important I write a blog in response to Jonathon Holmes' question of "Are there games you've never played but still love?"

The reason for this being that many responses were from people who refer to watching another play the game, whether it be through friends or let's plays. I didn't really come across any comments about liking that certain games exist for other reasons. Therefore I decided I wanted to make a short list of some games I'm glad exist for reasons other than watching or playing.


1. Metal Gear


Metal Gearrrrr!?

Lo and behold number one on my list (with order having no significance) is METAL GEAR.
Please don't hate me folks; I never played Metal Gear Solid. Yep. Not a single one.
Why am I throwing myself into a possible firepit by telling you this? Well, I'll probably play it one day, but for now I'm just glad it exists. The game has received so much praise for it's insane storytelling, the tricks it has pulled, and has worked as the platform by which Hideo Kojmia has become world-reknowned in gaming culture. A game like this deserves to exist and be enjoyed by so many. People have always talked about how solid (heheheh) the games are, and to receive the type of praise and buzz that the series has is quite amazing. It is one of those series that I think is truly helping in elevating gaming as a platform to be taken seriously as art. Whatever your opinions on that may be, I'm sure many we can all agree, Metal Gear is well loved.

2. Mega Man



Oh boy I'm just racking up the bonus points now! I have never played a single Mega Man game. Oh boy this is truly suicide is it not? Mega Man is a series known for it's tight mechanics and generally fun and challenging gameplay. Mario set the standard for the platformer and Megaman did well on that whilst creating it's own standard as the robot...shooting...action...platformer... You guys get what I mean. When people want good examples of an action platformer, people say Mega Man! (FYI, the g on the subtitle was intentional)

3. Dark Souls

Thanks Obama Souls

Emotional issues suck man...

Once again, people might hate me for this! I even OWN this game on Steam! Unfotunately, it was a favorite of an ex, and after we broke up I wanted nothing to do with the series. By now I'm mostly past that, but I still haven't played it. The reason I like Dark Souls is its atmosphere. This game truly cares little at all for you, it doesn't give a damn until you go at it, and then it says, HOO BOY, WHACHOO THINK YOU DOIN'!? The atmosphere of Dark Souls is intense, and even the mechanics of death being so negligent create a perfect unity of "this game don't give a fuck." In addition: death! Death is meaningless in games, and they did something unique with it, made it a true mechanic of the game.

Plus from what I've heard the game has a truly menancing and dark atmosphere...
dark souls nope

4. Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct COMBO BREAKER


One I probably won't get burned for mentioning! I'm a fan of Smash and Mortal Kombat, and I respect Street Fighter and Dead Or Alive. (Tried the latter, HATED IT although apparently that might be partly due to it being the 3DS version...) Regardless I like fighting games. Played a bunch in my time, but I've never touched Killer Instinct. Largely because I kept forgetting it's name! However, I like Killer Instinct because it is another quality entry into fighting games. It provides more competition amongst fighting series, and thats good! Leads to great innovation! It also has one of the wackiest casts in my opinion, and that's pretty rad.

5. League of Legends


I mean... there are other reasons to like games...

I'm gonna say my two minutes of trying to play the tutorial, then realizing I needed sound to hear the instructions, then quitting, does not count as "played." MOBA's in general have made great strides for gaming recongized as something more than just leisure - it is something that can be played competitively because it requires skill! Also, from what I've seen, it does the Free to Play model nicely enough, I guess. Other than that, it is not my game at all. Get bored too easily by it. You keep on enjoying it you LoL people!

6. Lord of The Rings

Legolas, what do your elf eyes see

Well considering I haven't watched these... nothing really

This isn't about games - I haven't watched the movies! Figured I'd really go hard in on the people hating me thing, I'm preparing for death threats with this one. :D

7. Final Fantasy

Tidus Laughs


Alright alright - this one is tough - I REALLY debated about putting it on the list for a few reasons:
1. I love Tactics to death. Although I have yet to finish the first, I loved Advanced and A2.
2. I am going to play them - there is literally no doubt about it. It's not even a "when I get around to it" - It is a definite.
3. People will once again wish physical harm upon me (maybe.)
Final Fantasy though, really, what more to say. It was the JRPG of JRPGs, it inspired a generation of youths. To do what? Dunno, argue about the spelling/pronunciation of Aerith/Aeris? Love chocobos? Glue guns to Blades? Regardless, the game series has earned its mark in history by being incredibly compelling and even pushing the boundaries of what was a truly great JRPG.  I'm goddamn glad it exists! Hell without it, I wouldn't have Kingdom Hearts!
Final Fantasy just set a great groundwork for JRPG's and I have to respect the work put into making such an awesome game series. Even if I make fun of them or mock them, they truly have earned my respect.
P.S. I think Leon is cooler than Cloud, Gunblades are the best.

The End?

Homestar Runner

And That's the End of My Show, Donk!

For now, I think that covers it. I'm sure there's some more I can't think of, but I can't think of them! Of course if I just said "games" I could have listed many many more entries, and reasons why I praise them/am glad they exist, but I think I've gotten a good little read for you all.
I'd love to hear any of your choices for game series you're glad exist, but don't play or watch them, and your reasons why!
As always, if you have critique, or even notice a spelling mistake, please let me know, I am always looking to improving my writing.
To those with the sun rising, have a wonderful day!
To those with the sun lowering, have a wonderful evening!

- Anata no, terebi ni, Jika-netto Tanaka Mi-n-na no, yoku no tomo

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