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Well I hate to be galavanting with terrible videos, but its been forever since I have truley been excited about birthdays so I think I can gloat once a year XD


The day the last Metal Gear Solid Launches is my Birthday! Which I should be aquireing it sometime, once dat tip money gets there. My parrents have been awsome and bought me a huge lamp that effectivly lights up my room so I do not feel like I live in a cave anymore :) And it looks like I have gotten a few cards from my other famialy members.

I know we are only suppose to post one blog a day but I need to do re-caps and post the next topic for BOB. So I hope the admins are okay that I post two blogs today...

After all...


Sry about the italics, having too much fun already XD (Time to sleep yay!)

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