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Friday Night Fights - 9/4/2015 - Who Needs Metal Gear Online Anyway?


Bad case of the Mondays going around? Are you reading this on Tuesday? You shouldn't be because Kojimas (supposed) swan song is out then. Wednesday I don't even know what to say, stop reading and play it damnit. Those of us here on Monday are still waiting, who are you to wave it in our faces that you have the choice to play it but don't. I don't even want to recognize Thursday and Friday and well Saturday you are just behind the curve, see me after class.

I'm AmnaUmen and with all of the other jagoffs to the right of this blog I help manage the Friday Night Fight organization. What is Friday Night Fights you ask? It's a community driven playdate (like when you were a kid, except with even more wang jokes [and maybe a few more wangs?]) across all platforms where you can play some of the latest and greatest multiplayer games with other memebers of the Dtoid community. Also incorporated is a run down of all the streamers that come through here.

Don't see a game you like? Host one of your own, all you need to do is post the following information in the comments section then a little robot (read: Me) will post it in this main blog for all the others to see.

Game (Console)
Time (Eastern Standard, please)
Your Disqus/Dtoid username
Your gamertag

Can't host on a Friday night? That's fine set up something for the weekend as well. Or if you know you will be streaming post your twitch/youtube information and the time you will be streaming and the game you will be as well and that will be updated as well. This blog will be bumped up to the top of the CBlog page a few times before the end of the week and then finally a front page post goes out on Friday for all of the people who don't know what a CBlog is. Then when Friday rolls around you can ignore that festering pile of dishes you need to clean or the dog crap all over the house all for a few hours of wang jokes.

Happy Fighting You Diamond Dogs.




Rocket League (PS4)
8:00 PM
Host: Nanashi
PSN ID: Nanashi707

Payday 2 (Crimewave Edition) (PS4)
11:30 PM
Host: The Defenestrator
PSN ID: ThDefenestrator









Sunday, Sept. 6th
Zombi (PS4)
6:00 PM
Host: The Defenestrator
Twitch ID: TheDefenestrator


Steamtoid group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Dtoid

Streamtoid schedule: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Dtoid

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