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Hidden Blog: How To & Image links


Okay, here's a quick How To. You've all got blogging experience already but for the sake of uniformity we should format our Monday posts like so:

1.) Header image
2.) Introductory Post
3.) A quick recap of how to host. Something to the tune of:

If you want to schedule an event (FNF, Weekend Warriors, Twitchtoid), just leave a comment like so:

Game (Console)
Time (Eastern Standard, please)
Your Disqus/Dtoid username
Your gamertag

If you don't feel like waiting around, you can schedule a Twitchtoid session or find fellow Dtoiders for a game whenever you like. Feel free to make use of the snazzy new Quick Posts to put out a call immediately.

4.) Update the main blog whenever someone leaves a comment asking to host. Use the appropriate banner depending on the console from the links below. There's no need to use banners for consoles no one is hosting a game for. It always seems kinda sad having a lonely Xbox or Nintendo banner there with no game attached.
5.) Publish. (Obvs.)
6.) Link Mike Martin to the blog either via social media or the FNF e-mail chain so he knows how to find it.
7.) That's it. When in doubt, look at previous posts to get a feel for the format. Short, punchy paragraphs are best as they look best on mobile phones.


Here's a list of links to all the relevant images for an FNF post as well as links to the Steamtoid group and the Streamtoid schedule. I'll add more as needed.:

Friday Night Fights banner: http://imgur.com/3kxjrGQ


Playstation banner: http://imgur.com/daNJaXC


Xbox banner: http://imgur.com/g9PO8R9


PC banner: http://imgur.com/FwXCh2x


WiiU banner: http://imgur.com/m6UxIti


Weekend Warriors banner: http://imgur.com/m6UxIti


Twitchtoid banner: http://imgur.com/SpnrH77


Steamtoid group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Dtoid

Streamtoid: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/shadow2398/streamtoid-the-return-of-a-legend-277733.phtml


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