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Friday Night Fights: A Re-Introduction


Hello and welcome to the new, sexier, more streamlined Friday Night Fights. This isn't your weekly blog, just a quick re-introduction. They're still fixing up around the house and it needs to be officially christianed with the appropriate bodily fluids and voodoo rituals... we just wanted to let you know that we're here and we're ready to rumble.

In addition to Friday Nights Fights, we'll be promoting our usual community playdates like Weekend Warriors and Twitchtoid, where you can schedule a game you want to stream in advance and get it promoted on the front page. We also want to provide you with other resources like a Steam group and a Nintendo Google group and a comprehensive list of Dtoid gaming clans around the internet.

As always, if you don't feel like waiting around, just hit the Quick Post button and put out a call to anyone, anytime. This is just for those of us who like to schedule things in advance.

Also, in addition to our weekly blog, which will be pushed to the top of the C-Blogs a couple times a week (in case you miss it) look for more front page reminders as well.

Be sure to click that Follow button as well so you never have to miss a post.

Thanks a lot, gang. Looking forward to straight dunking on fools in Rocket League.

-The Defenestrator

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Friday Night Fights is the banner that we, the Destructoid community members, organize to co-operate and/or brutally murder each other online. We advertise all sorts of community playdates and game streaming and we hope to be your one stop shop for Dtoid Community gaming.

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