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I've Hit A Point Where Games Can't Just Be a Hobby; They Have to Become More


I love gaming. It's been my passion ever since I was a young kid. As I get older, other interestes and responsibilites present themselves, and unfortunately I feel like my love of gaming has hurt me in some regard. I don't know If I consider myself to be "addicted to games", because I'm not completely sure the ramifications of an addiction to an activity. Rather, I feel like I need to take a long hard look at myself and make some room for other things in my life. 

This isn' me leaving games. I will continue to play games, I am just reevaluating where they fit in. Instead of focusing on games entirely, I'm thinking I need to turn games into something productive. That's been the point of this blog. As I've started to read more and focus on finding a better job that will hopefully turn into a career, my love for gaming has to evolve or perish. I decided at a young age I was going to be a writer. Writing is my passion and the only discernable skill I've ever cared to improve (besides my fighting games skills of course). The great thing about living in this decade is that it's easier than ever to turn a hobby into a career. The problem lies in trying to show why "I" deserve this job over the thousands of people who know more than me and can write better than me. 

Writing is a skill, it's one that takes time to improve, possibly an entire lifetime to gain a fraction of what it means to be a great writer. I don't claim to be a great writer, but I know I can be. That's where I've fallen in my life. I am taking up other jobs because I need the money. That means that my time is dedicated to working and finishing my degree. I have to ask myself why I am doing that. I am in school to be more educated and improve my craft. As I am almost done that path of my life, I need to think about what i'm doing with that skill. Obviously we can't be like the writers of old and just have rich folks pay to have me sit and write novels all day. That is not the reality we live in. Instead I have to learn how to sustain myself and make free time to write. Gaming is an expensive hobby, and requires a large time commitment. The only way I can justify that committment is if I turning it into something creative. 

Here we arrive at the point of this post. I love games, and through writing I want to turn them into a beneficial aspect of my life. Using my years of holding a controller, I am going to turn that into a career through writing. It's important to look at where you are going in life and choose the things to drop time into that will help achieve the goals. My goal is to make my living off the written word. Games are an important aspect of my life, they are how I unwind and relax. Therefore I need to take that time invested and turn it into something I can use to achieve my goal.


This post isn't my usual flair. I'm not talking about games or anything that insightful. Instead I'm using this to put down how I feel and prove a point to myself and hopefully anyone who this also relates to. If you want to do something, just do it. There is nothing in life that can stop you from achieving your dreams. The fine folks who write for this website as well as others got where they are today because they put in the time. They sat at computers for hours, cranking out their thoughts and doing what they had to do to get noticed. If that's your dream go for it. Anyone can write, anyone can draw, anyone can become a higher up at a corporation. The point is to do it. Put it in the time, be dedicated and learn how to structure your life to do so. Relaxation is important, find balance and time to keep playing games and watching movies or anything else you like to do. Find what you can turn into a skill and do it, take some time once and a while to reflect on these kind of things and always be true to yourself. 

I appreciate you readers for making it through to the end. I hope that others who put time and effort into this site continue to do so, and if you are here just to kick back and enjoy some good reading then I wish you luck on your future endeavours. Never stop trying, and never accept no for an answer when it comes to who you are and your passions. 

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